Exploring the Communities of Ontario, Canada

Ontario is one of the most populous provinces in Canada, located in the eastern part of the country. It is home to a diverse range of communities, each with its own unique characteristics and attractions. If you are wondering what communities are in Ontario, Canada, here is a list of some of the most notable ones:


Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. It is a dynamic metropolis with a diverse population, world-class cultural institutions, and a thriving business scene. Toronto is also famous for its iconic landmarks such as the CN Tower, the Toronto Islands, and the Royal Ontario Museum.


Ottawa is the federal capital of Canada and the second-largest city in Ontario. It is a vibrant city that combines the best of both worlds - the natural beauty of the Ottawa River and the urban sophistication of a cosmopolitan city. Ottawa is home to many national museums, galleries, and historic sites, including the Canadian Museum of History and Parliament Hill.


Hamilton is a city located at the western end of Lake Ontario, known for its strong industrial heritage and vibrant arts and culture scene. It is also home to many natural attractions such as the Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail.


London is a city located in southwestern Ontario, known for its world-renowned University of Western Ontario and its thriving music scene. It is also home to many cultural attractions such as the Museum London and the Grand Theatre.


Windsor is a city located in southwestern Ontario, across the Detroit River from the United States. It is known for its rich automotive history, as well as its proximity to the world-famous Niagara Falls.


Kingston is a historic city located in eastern Ontario, known for its beautiful limestone architecture and its rich military heritage. It is also home to many cultural attractions such as the Agnes Etherington Art Centre and the Grand Theatre.

Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is a city located in northwestern Ontario, known for its stunning natural beauty and its rich Indigenous heritage. It is also home to many cultural attractions such as the Thunder Bay Art Gallery and the Magnus Theatre.


Sudbury is a city located in central Ontario, known for its rich mining heritage and its beautiful natural attractions such as the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area and the Science North Museum.


Barrie is a city located in central Ontario, known for its beautiful waterfront and its proximity to many natural attractions such as the Blue Mountains and Wasaga Beach.


Kitchener-Waterloo is a twin city located in southwestern Ontario, known for its strong technology industry and its thriving arts and culture scene. It is also home to many cultural attractions such as the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery and the Centre In The Square.

In conclusion, Ontario, Canada is home to many diverse and vibrant communities, each with its own unique attractions and character. From the bustling metropolis of Toronto to the natural beauty of Thunder Bay, there is something for everyone in Ontario.

CommunityPopulationProvinceOntario Tourism Region
Ailsa Craig, Ontario1067OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Ajax, Ontario119677OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Alexandria, Ontario2845OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Alfred, Ontario2141OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Alliston, Ontario19243OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Almonte, Ontario5039OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Alvinston, Ontario2305OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Ameliasburg, Ontario1200OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Amherstburg, Ontario21936OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Amherstview, Ontario7901OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Ancaster, Ontario33232OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Angus, Ontario8788OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Apsley, Ontario1172OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Ariss, Ontario1561OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Arkona, Ontario1065OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Arnprior, Ontario8795OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Arthur, Ontario2753OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Astorville, Ontario1275OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Athens, Ontario3000OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Atikokan, Ontario2753OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Attawapiskat, Ontario1549OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Aurora, Ontario59000OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Aylmer, Ontario7492OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Ayr, Ontario4171OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Ayton, Ontario1023OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Azilda, Ontario4200OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Baden, Ontario4000OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Bailieboro, Ontario1000OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Bancroft, Ontario3881OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Barrie, Ontario141434OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Barrys Bay, Ontario1300OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Bath, Ontario1050OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Bayfield, Ontario1000OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Beachburg, Ontario1239OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Beachville, Ontario1100OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Beamsville, Ontario11834OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Beaverton, Ontario2864OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Beeton, Ontario3750OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Belle River, Ontario3000OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Belleville, Ontario50716OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Belmont, Ontario3000OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Big Trout Lake, Ontario1233OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Binbrook, Ontario13470OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Blackstock, Ontario1019OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Blenheim, Ontario4563OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Blezard Valley, Ontario2000OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Blind River, Ontario3182OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Blue Mountains, Ontario7025OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Blyth, Ontario1001OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Bobcaygeon, Ontario3500OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Bolton, Ontario26378OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Bonfield, Ontario1556OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Bothwell, Ontario1000OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Bourget, Ontario1763OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Bowmanville, Ontario39371OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Bracebridge, Ontario16000OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Bradford, Ontario35325OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Braeside, Ontario1200OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Brampton, Ontario593638OntarioGreater Toronto Area Region
Brantford, Ontario97496OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Brechin, Ontario1200OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Bridgenorth, Ontario3000OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Brigden, Ontario1039OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Brighton, Ontario5964OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Brockville, Ontario21870OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Bruce Mines, Ontario567OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Brussels, Ontario1031OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Burford, Ontario3757OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Burks Falls, Ontario1172OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Burlington, Ontario183314OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Caledon, Ontario66502OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Caledon East, Ontario3097OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Caledon Village, Ontario9334OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Caledonia, Ontario9674OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Callander, Ontario3000OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Cambridge, Ontario129920OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Camden East, Ontario1200OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Camlachie, Ontario1200OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Campbellford, Ontario3492OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Cannington, Ontario1200OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Capreol, Ontario2800OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Carleton Place, Ontario10644OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Carp, Ontario4000OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Casselman, Ontario3600OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Cavan, Ontario5000OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Cayuga, Ontario2200OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Chapleau, Ontario2864OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Chatham, Ontario44074OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Chatsworth, Ontario3000OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Chelmsford, Ontario5778OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Chesley, Ontario1341OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Chesterville, Ontario1500OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Claremont, Ontario3702OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Clarence Creek, Ontario2286OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Clifford, Ontario2800OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Clinton, Ontario2637OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Cobalt, Ontario1118OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Cobden, Ontario1074OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Coboconk, Ontario1200OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Cobourg, Ontario19440OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Cochrane, Ontario5321OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Colborne, Ontario1939OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Coldwater, Ontario1906OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Collingwood, Ontario22000OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Comber, Ontario1200OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Conestogo, Ontario1717OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Coniston, Ontario1774OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Consecon, Ontario1085OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Constance Lake, Ontario1200OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Copper Cliff, Ontario4240OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Corbeil, Ontario1200OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Cornwall, Ontario46340OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Corunna, Ontario3386OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Cottam, Ontario3000OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Courtice, Ontario38000OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Courtland, Ontario1274OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Courtright, Ontario1267OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Creemore, Ontario1313OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Curve Lake, Ontario1200OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Deep River, Ontario4109OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Delhi, Ontario4240OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Denfield, Ontario1083OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Desbarats, Ontario1000OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Deseronto, Ontario1641OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Dorchester, Ontario4000OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Douro, Ontario2400OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Drayton, Ontario2067OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Dresden, Ontario2440OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Drumbo, Ontario1012OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Dryden, Ontario7749OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Dubreuilville, Ontario583OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Dundas, Ontario24285OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Dunnville, Ontario5000OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Dunsford, Ontario1500OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Dutton, Ontario3980OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Dwight, Ontario1009OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Ear Falls, Ontario1021OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Earlton, Ontario1008OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
East Gwillimbury, Ontario23991OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
East York, Ontario114898OntarioGreater Toronto Area Region
Echo Bay, Ontario1162OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Eganville, Ontario1359OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Elizabethtown, Ontario3757OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Elliot Lake, Ontario10741OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Elmira, Ontario10161OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Elmvale, Ontario2369OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Elora, Ontario7756OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Embro, Ontario1105OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Embrun, Ontario8669OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Emo, Ontario1246OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Emsdale, Ontario1000OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Englehart, Ontario2400OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Ennismore, Ontario3610OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Erin, Ontario11439OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Espanola, Ontario4996OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Essex, Ontario21507OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Etobicoke, Ontario114000OntarioGreater Toronto Area Region
Exeter, Ontario4698OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Fenelon Falls, Ontario1800OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Fenwick, Ontario3000OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Fergus, Ontario20767OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Feversham, Ontario1200OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Fisherville, Ontario1200OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Flesherton, Ontario1104OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Fonthill, Ontario3609OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Forest, Ontario4000OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Fort Albany, Ontario1107OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Fort Erie, Ontario31031OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Fort Frances, Ontario7739OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Frankford, Ontario2765OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Gananoque, Ontario5194OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Garden River, Ontario1480OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Garson, Ontario3129OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Georgetown, Ontario42123OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Geraldton, Ontario1082OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Glencoe, Ontario2200OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Goderich, Ontario7521OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Gooderham, Ontario500OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Gore Bay, Ontario848OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Grafton, Ontario2873OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Grand Bend, Ontario2116OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Grand Valley, Ontario2956OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Gravenhurst, Ontario12311OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Grimsby, Ontario27314OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Guelph, Ontario135000OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Hagersville, Ontario2335OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Haileybury, Ontario3266OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Haliburton, Ontario5110OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Hamilton, Ontario536917OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Hanmer, Ontario8000OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Hanover, Ontario7688OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Harriston, Ontario2963OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Harrow, Ontario3229OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Harrowsmith, Ontario1500OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Hastings, Ontario13796OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Havelock, Ontario1191OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Hawkesbury, Ontario10263OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Hearst, Ontario4067OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Hensall, Ontario1173OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Hillsburgh, Ontario3500OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Hillsdale, Ontario1964OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Hornepayne, Ontario980OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Huntsville, Ontario19816OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Ignace, Ontario1202OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Ilderton, Ontario3633OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Ingersoll, Ontario12146OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Ingleside, Ontario1407OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Innisfil, Ontario36566OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Inverary, Ontario1438OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Iron Bridge, Ontario1123OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Iroquois, Ontario4757OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Iroquois Falls, Ontario4595OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Jacksons Point, Ontario2673OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Janetville, Ontario1048OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Jarvis, Ontario2300OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Jordan Station, Ontario2500OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Kakabeka Falls, Ontario647OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Kanata, Ontario114000OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Kapuskasing, Ontario8292OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Kashechewan, Ontario1900OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Kearney, Ontario882OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Kemptville, Ontario5000OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Kenora, Ontario15096OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Keswick, Ontario26757OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Killaloe, Ontario1000OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Kincardine, Ontario11000OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
King City, Ontario5396OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Kingston, Ontario136214OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Kingsville, Ontario21362OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Kinmount, Ontario1000OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Kirkfield, Ontario1990OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Kirkland Lake, Ontario7981OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Kitchener, Ontario233222OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Kleinburg, Ontario4595OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Komoka, Ontario3761OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
L'orignal, Ontario1119OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Lake Of Bays, Ontario3167OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Lakefield, Ontario2400OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Lanark, Ontario9578OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Lancaster, Ontario3474OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Langton, Ontario1108OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Lansdowne, Ontario1059OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Larder Lake, Ontario747OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Lasalle, Ontario30180OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Leamington, Ontario29331OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Lefroy, Ontario3500OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Levack, Ontario1000OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Limoges, Ontario2500OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Lindsay, Ontario20713OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Lions Head, Ontario537OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Listowel, Ontario7530OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Little Britain, Ontario2400OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Little Current, Ontario1500OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Lively, Ontario5045OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
London, Ontario383822OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Long Sault, Ontario3717OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Longlac, Ontario1200OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Lucan, Ontario2242OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Lucknow, Ontario1133OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
M'chigeeng, Ontario2048OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Mactier, Ontario1100OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Madoc, Ontario2078OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Magnetawan, Ontario1300OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Manitouwadge, Ontario2000OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Manitowaning, Ontario1200OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Manotick, Ontario4486OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Marathon, Ontario3273OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Markdale, Ontario1300OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Markham, Ontario353012OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Markstay, Ontario1200OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Marmora, Ontario1144OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Massey, Ontario1200OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Matheson, Ontario1749OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Mattawa, Ontario2024OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Mckellar, Ontario1059OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Meaford, Ontario7244OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Merlin, Ontario1800OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Merrickville, Ontario2870OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Midhurst, Ontario3500OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Midland, Ontario16864OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Mildmay, Ontario1300OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Millbank, Ontario1200OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Millbrook, Ontario3500OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Milton, Ontario110128OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Milverton, Ontario2995OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Mindemoya, Ontario1064OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Minden, Ontario5586OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Minesing, Ontario1873OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Mississauga, Ontario721599OntarioGreater Toronto Area Region
Mitchell, Ontario4350OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Moonbeam, Ontario1300OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Moonstone, Ontario1200OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Moorefield, Ontario1200OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Mooretown, Ontario2319OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Moose Creek, Ontario1200OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Moose Factory, Ontario2917OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Moosonee, Ontario3500OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Morrisburg, Ontario2883OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Mount Albert, Ontario3500OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Mount Brydges, Ontario3000OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Mount Forest, Ontario4906OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Mount Hope, Ontario3500OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Nairn Centre, Ontario1042OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Nakina, Ontario982OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Napanee, Ontario15892OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Naughton, Ontario1200OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Neebing, Ontario1025OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Neustadt, Ontario1000OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
New Dundee, Ontario1700OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
New Hamburg, Ontario4600OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
New Liskeard, Ontario4402OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Newbury, Ontario1032OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Newcastle, Ontario10563OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Newmarket, Ontario84224OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Niagara Falls, Ontario88071OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Niagara On The Lake, Ontario17511OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Nipigon, Ontario1631OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Nipissing, Ontario21100OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Nobleton, Ontario3609OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Noelville, Ontario1200OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Norland, Ontario1000OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
North Augusta, Ontario1000OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
North Bay, Ontario51553OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
North Cobalt, Ontario1101OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
North York, Ontario670000OntarioGreater Toronto Area Region
Norwich, Ontario11001OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Novar, Ontario1000OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Oakville, Ontario193832OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Oakwood, Ontario1500OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Odessa, Ontario2100OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Ohsweken, Ontario1406OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Oil Springs, Ontario1000OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Omemee, Ontario1246OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Orangeville, Ontario30734OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Orillia, Ontario31166OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Orleans, Ontario116688OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Oro, Ontario8300OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Oro Station, Ontario1889OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Orono, Ontario2660OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Oshawa, Ontario159458OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Ottawa, Ontario994837OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Owen Sound, Ontario22032OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Oxford Mills, Ontario1292OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Pain Court, Ontario1173OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Paisley, Ontario1026OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Palgrave, Ontario3800OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Palmerston, Ontario2899OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Paris, Ontario12310OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Parkhill, Ontario2000OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Parry Sound, Ontario6408OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Pefferlaw, Ontario2589OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Pembroke, Ontario14360OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Penetanguishene, Ontario8962OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Perkinsfield, Ontario1025OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Perth, Ontario6005OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Petawawa, Ontario15988OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Peterborough, Ontario81032OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Petrolia, Ontario5500OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Pickering, Ontario91771OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Picton, Ontario4908OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Pikangikum, Ontario2386OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Plantagenet, Ontario1854OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Plattsville, Ontario2000OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Point Edward, Ontario2037OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Porcupine, Ontario7610OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Port Burwell, Ontario1113OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Port Carling, Ontario615OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Port Colborne, Ontario18306OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Port Dover, Ontario6000OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Port Elgin, Ontario7845OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Port Franks, Ontario1097OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Port Hope, Ontario16753OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Port Mcnicoll, Ontario1100OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Port Perry, Ontario9453OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Port Rowan, Ontario1066OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Port Stanley, Ontario2148OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Powassan, Ontario3455OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Prescott, Ontario4289OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Puslinch, Ontario7336OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Rainy River, Ontario1682OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Rama, Ontario1611OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Red Lake, Ontario4107OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Red Rock, Ontario867OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Renfrew, Ontario8223OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Richards Landing, Ontario500OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Richmond Hill, Ontario195022OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Ridgetown, Ontario2609OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Ridgeway, Ontario3000OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Ripley, Ontario1039OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Rockland, Ontario12000OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Rockwood, Ontario3000OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Rodney, Ontario2500OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Rolphton, Ontario539OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Roseneath, Ontario1000OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Rosseau, Ontario1062OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Russell, Ontario16520OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Sarnia, Ontario71594OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Sauble Beach, Ontario639OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario73368OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Scarborough, Ontario625698OntarioGreater Toronto Area Region
Schomberg, Ontario2691OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Schreiber, Ontario1100OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Schumacher, Ontario5372OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Seaforth, Ontario2665OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Seeleys Bay, Ontario1000OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Shallow Lake, Ontario1200OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Shedden, Ontario1200OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Shelburne, Ontario8126OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Simcoe, Ontario16000OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Sioux Lookout, Ontario5336OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Smiths Falls, Ontario8978OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Smithville, Ontario7964OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario1330OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
South Gillies, Ontario1064OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
South Lancaster, Ontario1197OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
South Mountain, Ontario1107OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
South Porcupine, Ontario5029OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
South River, Ontario1100OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Southampton, Ontario3175OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Southwold, Ontario3535OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Spanish, Ontario705OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Spencerville, Ontario2223OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
St Anns, Ontario1324OntarioNiagara Canada Region
St Catharines, Ontario133113OntarioNiagara Canada Region
St Charles, Ontario1200OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
St Clements, Ontario2977OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
St Davids, Ontario2000OntarioNiagara Canada Region
St George Brant, Ontario3170OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
St Jacobs, Ontario1988OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
St Joachim, Ontario1200OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
St Marys, Ontario7265OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
St Thomas, Ontario38909OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Stayner, Ontario4200OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Stevensville, Ontario2637OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Stirling, Ontario2227OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Stoney Creek, Ontario70000OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Stouffville, Ontario50000OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Straffordville, Ontario1200OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Stratford, Ontario31465OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Strathroy, Ontario8969OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Sturgeon Falls, Ontario5000OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Sudbury, Ontario161531OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Sunderland, Ontario2271OntarioGreater Toronto Area Region
Sundridge, Ontario1048OntarioMuskoka Parry Sound Algonquin Park Region
Sydenham, Ontario1059OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Tara, Ontario1068OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Tavistock, Ontario1100OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Tecumseh, Ontario23229OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Teeswater, Ontario1100OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Temagami, Ontario856OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Terrace Bay, Ontario1500OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Thamesford, Ontario1200OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Thamesville, Ontario1991OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Thessalon, Ontario1340OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Thornbury, Ontario2617OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Thorndale, Ontario2526OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Thorold, Ontario18801OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Thunder Bay, Ontario107909OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Tilbury, Ontario4809OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Tillsonburg, Ontario16000OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Timmins, Ontario41788OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Tiverton, Ontario1000OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Tobermory, Ontario1500OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Toronto, Ontario2731571OntarioGreater Toronto Area Region
Tottenham, Ontario5200OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Townsend, Ontario2270OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Trenton, Ontario15925OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Trout Creek, Ontario500OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Tweed, Ontario6000OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Unionville, Ontario5265OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Uxbridge, Ontario11531OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Val Caron, Ontario4000OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Val Gagne, Ontario500OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Val Rita, Ontario1000OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Val Therese, Ontario4000OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Vanier, Ontario12310OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Vankleek Hill, Ontario1996OntarioOttawa Countryside Region
Vaughan, Ontario306233OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Vermilion Bay, Ontario500OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Verner, Ontario1100OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Victoria Harbour, Ontario2779OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Vineland, Ontario3715OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Vineland Station, Ontario3500OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Virgil, Ontario3000OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Virginiatown, Ontario610OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Vittoria, Ontario1064OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Wahnapitae, Ontario1200OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Walkerton, Ontario5142OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Wallaceburg, Ontario10098OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Warkworth, Ontario804OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Wasaga Beach, Ontario20675OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Washago, Ontario1200OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Waterdown, Ontario27047OntarioHamilton Halton Brant Region
Waterford, Ontario3132OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Waterloo, Ontario104986OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Watford, Ontario1844OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Waubaushene, Ontario1030OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Wawa, Ontario2924OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Weagamow Lake, Ontario1187OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Welland, Ontario52293OntarioNiagara Canada Region
Wellesley, Ontario3512OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
West Lorne, Ontario2363OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
West Montrose, Ontario500OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Westmeath, Ontario1500OntarioHaliburton Highlands Ottawa Valley Region
Westport, Ontario700OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Wheatley, Ontario3182OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Whitby, Ontario128377OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
White River, Ontario1000OntarioSault Ste Marie Algoma Region
Wiarton, Ontario2306OntarioBruce Peninsula Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Region
Wikwemikong, Ontario3008OntarioNortheastern Ontario Region
Wilmot, Ontario21000OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Winchester, Ontario2505OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Winchester Springs, Ontario1200OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Windsor, Ontario217188OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Wingham, Ontario2875OntarioHuron Perth Waterloo Wellington Region
Wolfe Island, Ontario1251OntarioSoutheastern Ontario Region
Woodbridge, Ontario101170OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region
Woodstock, Ontario40902OntarioSouthwest Ontario Region
Woodville, Ontario1500OntarioKawartha Northumberland Region
Wunnumin Lake, Ontario616OntarioNorthwest Ontario Region
Zurich, Ontario2300OntarioYork Durham Headwaters Region