Canada Abbreviations | Canadian Postal Code Abbreviations

The official two-letter short form abbreviations for the Provinces and Territories in Canada.

What is Canada's 2 letter abbreviation?

AbbreviationEnglish nameFrench nameSource
ABAlbertaAlbertaFirst letter of first two syllables
BCBritish ColumbiaColombie-BritanniqueInitials
MBManitobaManitobaFirst letter of first and last syllables
NBNew BrunswickNouveau-BrunswickInitials
NLNewfoundland and LabradorTerre-Neuve-et-LabradorInitials
NSNova ScotiaNouvelle-ÉcosseInitials
NTNorthwest TerritoriesTerritoires du Nord-OuestInitials
NUNunavutNunavutFirst two letters
ONOntarioOntarioFirst two letters
PEPrince Edward IslandÎle-du-Prince-ÉdouardInitials of first two words
QCQuebecQuébecFirst and last letters
SKSaskatchewanSaskatchewanFirst letter of first two syllables
YTYukonYukonInitials of "Yukon Territory"