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Imagine a place where tides rise and fall the height of a four-story building twice a day, allowing you to stroll along the ocean floor and then kayak above the same spot hours later. This is only the beginning... a world of natural wonder waits to be discovered in New Brunswick.


One of the marine wonders of the world, the Bay of Fundy stretches along the southern coast of the province. The Fundy tides are the highest in the world, rising to over 16 m (52 ft) in some places. With 100 billion tons of seawater rushing in and out of the bay twice daily, bizarre things happen: falls reverse themselves and start to flow backward, and powerful tides sculpt the landscape. At high tide, it's possible to kayak around miniature islands; at low tide, you can spelunk through caves and touch the base of giant rocks reaching up from the ocean floor.

New Brunswick is blessed with 2,250 km (1,398 mi) of coastline. The Northumberland Strait extends northeast from the Bay of Fundy and is lined with some of Canada's most popular swimming beaches. There are over 85 beaches for you to explore and enjoy.

Moving inland, rivers and waterways provide opportunities for canoeing, kayaking and fishing, including the renowned Miramichi and Restigouche Rivers. The St. John River Valley brims with beauty and is embraced by lush rolling hills.


New Brunswick's many provincial parks and two national parks span island retreats, coastal crags, horticultural wonders and panoramic mountain views. The parks are home to hundreds of species of birds and a host of other wildlife.


New Brunswick's rich cultural mosaic is a unique blend of Aboriginal, Acadian, Brayon, Loyalist, Scottish and Irish heritages. See how life was lived in 18th- and 19th-century New Brunswick at the award-winning Village Historique Acadien and Kings Landing Historical Settlement


Climb the province's highest mountain, reel in fish and swim in New Brunswick's warm waters - some of the warmest north of Virginia - then take advantage of the province's down-home hospitality. Stroll through unique shops and galleries and wander around the markets. From the enchanting Atlantic Balloon Fiesta to the beat of the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, local spirit is expressed in a multitude of events.

New Brunswick's five distinct scenic drives make exploring the province easy. Take the River Valley Scenic Drive and discover 400 km of inspiration along the St. John River. Along the route is the city of Edmundston, the door to New Brunswick and the legendary Republic of Madawaska. Stroll along the boardwalk and visit one of Canada's largest botanical gardens. Let the life of Fredericton flow through you in the vibrant riverfront capital. Sites like the Historic Garrison District reveal the province's rich heritage, while world-class galleries like The Beaverbrook Art Gallery speak volumes about culture.

The Fundy Coastal Drive takes you to Canada's oldest incorporated city, Saint John. Here you'll find contemporary shopping and dining near historic sites like the New Brunswick Museum. Take a thrill ride on the Reversing Falls and stroll to the harbor front to greet the cruise ships. The city of Moncton is the center of family fun with Magic Mountain Water Theme Park. Watch your car coast uphill at nearby Magnetic Hill, then wander over to the Magnetic Hill Zoo. One of New Brunswick's newest cities, Dieppe, is home to the largest single-story shopping mall in Atlantic Canada, Champlain Place. Right next door is Crystal Palace Amusement Park, the only indoor amusement park in the Maritimes.

The Acadian Coastal Drive provides access to celebrations of Acadian culture and the chance to enjoy warm saltwater beaches. The spectacular surroundings of the city of Bathurst are complemented by views of the beautiful Baie des Chaleurs, designated one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Touch a blue lobster at the Aquarium and Marine Centre in Shippagan and be sure to visit the island of legends and laughs at Le Pays de la Sagouine for a toe-tapping good time.

The Miramichi River Route takes you to the world-renowned salmon-fishing river. Canoe, kayak or float down river on an inner tube but, by all means, grab a fishing pole - the River Route is all about fishing. While in the city of Miramichi, stroll along Ritchie Wharf Park and taste some of the river's bounty before you leave.

The Appalachian Range Route takes you to the top of the Maritimes. The city of Campbellton is set amid one of the world's oldest mountain ranges and rests on the mouth of the renowned Restigouche River. In Campbellton, nature is right in front of your doorstep.

source: Tourism New Brunswick