Discovering Ameliasburgh, Ontario: A Village Steeped in History

Ameliasburgh, Ontario is a charming village nestled within the Township of Ameliasburgh in Prince Edward County, Canada. This quaint settlement, once known as "Roblin's Mills" after an early settler and his mill, is a treasure trove of history and culture.

The Historical Significance of Ameliasburgh, Ontario

Ameliasburgh Township, one of the first townships surveyed in Ontario, was known as the "Seventh Town" during the early days of settlement. The village is bordered on the north by the south shore of the Bay of Quinte, and to the south lies the shallow Roblin Lake.

Ameliasburgh, Ontario: A Muse for Poet Al Purdy

The village of Ameliasburgh was home to the renowned poet Al Purdy for many years. Purdy's cottage was situated on the picturesque Roblin Lake, and the village and its features served as inspiration for several of his poems, including the famous "Wilderness Gothic". The church spire mentioned in "Wilderness Gothic", now sheathed in new metal, is part of the Ameliasburgh Museum today.

The Ameliasburgh Library and Al Purdy Memorabilia

The Ameliasburgh library, named after Al Purdy, houses a collection of the poet's memorabilia. The road leading from the town to the Roblin millpond also bears Purdy's name, further cementing his connection to the village.

The Journey of Roblin Mill from Ameliasburgh, Ontario to Toronto

The Roblin Mill, a significant historical landmark, has been relocated to Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto. This move has allowed a wider audience to appreciate the mill's historical significance.

The Ameliasburgh Fall Fair: A Tradition Revived in Ameliasburgh, Ontario

Started in 1855, the Ameliasburgh Fall Fair is a beloved community tradition held every September. This agricultural fair features a horse & pony show, baking and garden produce contests, livestock competition, and arts & crafts. The fair was regularly held at the Roblin Fairground in the 1900s but ceased to operate for a time. However, in 1982, the tradition was revived and continues to be held at the same location, bringing the community together in celebration of their rich agricultural heritage.