Discover Elmvale, Ontario: A Blend of History and Rural Charm

Elmvale, Ontario is a quaint rural town nestled in the heart of Springwater Township, Canada. Situated at the crossroads of County Road 27 and County Road 92, this charming community is a mere 20-minute drive north of Barrie. As of 2016, Elmvale is home to 2,314 residents, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

A Glimpse into the History of Elmvale, Ontario

Elmvale's history is deeply rooted in the nearby Ossossané, the largest 16th-century Wendat settlement and the capital of the confederacy. The Wendat, also known as the Huron by French explorers, referred to their traditional territory as Wendake. Modern-day Elmvale, Ontario, developed near this historic site.

The town of Elmvale was officially named in 1859 with the opening of the post office. Prior to this, it was known by several names, including Four Corners, Elm Flats, and Saurin. Elmvale has weathered a couple of tornadoes in its history, specifically on June 2, 1998, and May 21, 2003, but fortunately, no serious damage was reported.

Attractions in Elmvale, Ontario

Elmvale, Ontario, is a hub of exciting attractions that draw thousands of visitors each year. The Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival, dating back to 1966, is a major highlight, featuring sugarbush rides, treats at the SugarShack, and plenty of pancakes. This festival attracts visitors from across the province and beyond, generating significant funding for local community projects.

The Elmvale Water Festival is another key event, held each fall to raise awareness about water-quality issues in local politics and agriculture. Elmvale was identified in 2011 as having the world's purest water, with lead contaminants significantly lower than even the cleanest layer of Arctic ice.

Other attractions include the Elmvale Jungle Zoo, home to 300 animals, the annual Elmvale Fall Fair, St. John's United Church, Craig's Corn on County Road 92, and Tahir's Rock Park. The Palace Tavern, an Irish pub and sports bar established in 1861, is known for its lively events, including live bands, karaoke, and DJs. The Elmvale Flea and Farmers Market, one of Ontario’s largest independent flea markets, is also a must-visit.

Transportation in Elmvale, Ontario

Elmvale, Ontario, is served by the Simcoe County LINX inter-community bus service on its Route 1 - Penetanguishene / Midland to Barrie, ensuring convenient transportation for residents and visitors alike.