Wheatley, Ontario Canada

Discover Wheatley, Ontario: A Blend of History and Natural Beauty

Wheatley, Ontario, a charming community nestled in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, within the municipality of Chatham-Kent, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Located approximately 12 kilometres east of Leamington, Wheatley is a haven for nature lovers and history buffs alike.

Natural Attractions in Wheatley, Ontario

Wheatley is surrounded by a plethora of parks, including Two Creeks Conservation Area, Kopegaron Woods Conservation Area, Hillman Marsh Conservation Area, and Point Pelee National Park. Each park offers a unique blend of hiking and bicycling paths, with Two Creeks Conservation Area boasting 15 km of trails. A short forty-five-minute drive to the east will take you to Rondeau Provincial Park.

Wheatley is also home to Wheatley Provincial Park, a sanctuary for the endangered Blue Racer snake. This rare species can only be found in this park, Point Pelee National Park, and on Pelee Island.

The community is also known for its beaches, including Camper's Cove Campsite and beach, located on the former Highway 3, and Holiday Harbour Resort on Pier Road.

Wheatley, Ontario: The Freshwater Fish Capital of the World

Wheatley's sign proudly proclaims it as the "Freshwater Fish Capital of the World." The town is home to a large fishing port on Lake Erie and numerous fisheries owned and operated by local families.

The town is also the primary community of licence for CHWI, a television station more popularly associated with the city of Windsor.

History of Wheatley, Ontario

Before the arrival of white settlers, the area was home to the Neutrals, an Iroquoian tribe known for their expertise in carving arrowheads, spear points, and tomahawks. The flint beds along the shores of Lake Erie were their source of hard-stone building materials.

The town, originally named "Pegtown," was renamed Wheatley after its first permanent settler, Richard Wheatley, who built a home on lot 218 Talbot trail in 1832. The town was officially approved as a village located within Kent County on May 1, 1914.

In 1999, Wheatley became part of West Kent's riding along with Tilbury, Romney, Tilbury East, and the village of Merlin as part of a province-wide plan to reduce costs.

Tourism in Wheatley, Ontario

Wheatley hosts an annual "Fish Festival" each civic holiday weekend in August. The festival features the Big Boyz Fishing Derby, Smoked Fish Contest, Famous Yellow Perch and Broasted Chicken Dinner, Two Creeks Concerts, Parades, Wheatley Idol, and other community events.

The town also celebrates St. John the Baptist in June and hosts outdoor summer concerts at Two Creeks Conservation Area every Sunday during the summer. Wheatley's location on the flight path for migratory birds and monarch butterflies attracts birders from around the world annually.

Sports and Education in Wheatley, Ontario

Wheatley has an elementary public school that hosts various activities and sports. The town also has minor and senior soccer, sponsored by many local businesses.

Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round at the 9-hole Talbot Trail Golf Club, originally named Rolling Acres Golf Club at its incorporation in 1964. The Sharks hockey team calls Wheatley's arena, located directly behind the public school, their home.

Downtown Wheatley, Ontario

Downtown Wheatley offers a variety of amenities, including restaurants, the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 324 with its collection of militaria, a pharmacy, post office, library, and bank. The town's Remembrance Day events and other ceremonies take place on the library grounds.