Discover New Dundee, Ontario: A Blend of History and Charm

New Dundee, Ontario, a quaint community nestled in the township of Wilmot, is home to a population of 1,119 as per the 2016 Census. Located southwest of Kitchener, this small community offers a rich history and a serene environment.

The Historical Journey of New Dundee, Ontario

The history of New Dundee, Ontario, dates back to the early 19th century when the land grants were given to settlers in Concessions 2 and 3, Block A, Wilmot Township. The township, opened for settlement in 1824, was not part of the German Company Tract but lay to its west.

The Millar pioneer family, who emigrated from Scotland around 1825, founded New Dundee. John Millar, the first family member to settle in the area, named the community after his hometown in Scotland. He built the first sawmill and general store in the area after damming Alder Creek in 1826.

The Millars were soon joined by other pioneer families, including the Reichard family and the Bettschen family. Frederick Gourlay Millar, who bought John's sawmill, house, and store, also constructed a gristmill.

Despite the initial growth, New Dundee was bypassed by the Grand Trunk Railway, which affected its development. However, by 1870, the community had two churches, two hotels, a school, a sawmill, a flour mill, factories, two stores, and a population of 250.

New Dundee, Ontario: A Hub of Industry and Education

In 1904, New Dundee's first Bell Telephone exchange was opened by Ezra H. Thamer, who also started a small home-based creamery. The creamery later expanded and became the New Dundee Co-Operative Creamery Ltd., the community's largest industry until its closure in 1998.

The current New Dundee Public School was built in 1928, with additions made in 2008 and 2013, reflecting the community's commitment to education.

Leisure and Recreation in New Dundee, Ontario

New Dundee, Ontario, is not just about history and industry. The Dundee Country Club golf course, opened in 1970, offers a place for recreation. The community also houses several small businesses on Alder Lake, and some historic buildings still stand, adding to its charm.

The Geography of New Dundee, Ontario

Situated along the Grand River watershed, New Dundee, Ontario, is known for its local stream, Alder Creek, which flows into the Nith River a few kilometers downstream. The original settlers chose this location for the town due to the creek, which continues to be a significant geographical feature.

New Dundee, Ontario, is also the birthplace of William J. Wintemberg, often referred to as the "Father of Canadian Archaeology" and an expert on Iroquioan prehistory.

In conclusion, New Dundee, Ontario, is a community that beautifully blends history, industry, education, and recreation. Its rich past and serene environment make it a unique place to visit and explore.