Discover Kleinburg, Ontario: A Blend of Art, History, and Natural Beauty

Kleinburg, an unincorporated village in the city of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, is a charming destination that offers a unique blend of art, history, and natural beauty. Home to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection and the Kortright Centre for Conservation, Kleinburg is a haven for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Despite its growth and development, the village has managed to retain its historic charm and natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination in Ontario.

Kleinburg, Ontario: Geography

Nestled between two branches of the Humber River, Kleinburg is characterized by its hilly landscape and dense forests. The village, which covers a land area of 1.05 km², is bounded by Highway 27 on the west and Stegman’s Mill Road to the east. Its northern and western peripheries are primarily agricultural, adding to the village's rustic charm.

The History of Kleinburg, Ontario

Founded in 1848 by John Nicholas Kline, a German-Canadian settler, Kleinburg has a rich history that is reflected in its name, which translates to 'small castle' in German. The village was initially dependent on its flour and wheat mills, which were located off the Humber River. Over the years, Kleinburg has transformed from a small, quiet town into a bustling community that attracts affluent visitors and residents.

Main Street in Kleinburg, Ontario

The historic commercial district of Kleinburg along Islington Avenue is a blend of the old and the new. Here, heritage buildings stand alongside modern developments, offering a mix of residential and commercial uses. Main Street is home to local shops, restaurants, and national chains, including the Royal Bank. The oldest extant building on Main Street, built in 1867, now houses The Doctor's House restaurant.

Parks and Recreation in Kleinburg, Ontario

Kleinburg is home to several parks, all of which are operated by the city of Vaughan's Parks and Forestry Operations. These include Bindertwine Park, Butterfly Heights, East Corners Park, Ross Gurreri Park, Secord Park, Summit Park, Tinsmith Parkette, Treelawn Parkette, Wishing Well Park, and Woodgate Park. While Kleinburg does not have its own community centre, its residents make use of the Al Palladini Community Centre, located in nearby Woodbridge.

Culture in Kleinburg, Ontario

Kleinburg is known for its vibrant cultural scene. The village hosts the annual Binder Twine festival, which attracts an average of 25,000 people. Other notable events include the Christmas tree lighting celebration, Canada Day in Kleinburg, and Cartunes in Kleinburg, all of which celebrate the history and community spirit of the village.

Kleinburg, Ontario in Film

Kleinburg has a rich film history, thanks to the Cinespace Film Studios (formerly Toronto International Film Studios), a centre for television and motion picture production. The village and its surrounding farmland have featured in numerous films and television shows, including The Forest Rangers, The Hired Gun, The Fox, The First Time, The Reincarnate, Mahoney's Last Stand, Equus, Recommendation for Mercy, Shoot, Welcome to Blood City, Death Weekend, The Shape of Things to Come, Rituals, Riel, Fish Hawk, The Amateur, Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird, The Fly, The Wars, Love at Stake, Divided Loyalities, Hudson's Bay, The Forest Rangers, Hatch's Mill, The Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim, Search and Rescue, Matt and Jenny, The Great Detective, The Littlest Hobo, and Dr. Simon Locke. In 2006, the McMichael Art Gallery served as the filming location for the movie The Sentinel.