Courtice, Ontario Canada

Discover Courtice, Ontario: A Blend of History and Modernity

Courtice, Ontario, a charming community nestled about 60 km east of Toronto, is a part of the Municipality of Clarington. It shares its borders with Oshawa to the west and Bowmanville to the east. Courtice Road (Durham Road 34) provides easy access to the community, connecting with Highway 401 at Interchange 425. The picturesque Darlington Provincial Park is located just south of Courtice, adding to its appeal.

The Geography of Courtice, Ontario

Courtice is bounded by Townline Rd. on the west, Hancock Rd. on the east, Pebblestone Rd. on the north, and Highway 401 on the south. It is contiguous with the urban area of the neighbouring City of Oshawa. However, it is separated by rural areas from other communities within Clarington. According to the Canada 2011 Census, Courtice was counted as part of the population centre of Oshawa rather than Bowmanville or Newcastle.

The History of Courtice, Ontario

Courtice's history dates back to 1794 when the Burk and Trulls families first settled the area. However, the community takes its name from another early settler, Thomas Courtice, who arrived in Darlington Township in 1831, followed by his brothers Christopher and James in 1833. The family emigrated from Putford Bridge, Devonshire, England.

The community was centred on the Ebenezer Church/Schoolhouse, erected in the 1850s. As it grew, it encompassed another hamlet called "Short's Corners", which later became downtown Courtice. The Courtice Cheese factory and shop, A.F. Rundles' Market, James Courtice's carpenter shop, and the Post office were some of the notable establishments in the area.

Courtice remained primarily a small rural village well into the 20th century. However, housing developments beginning in the mid-1980s caused the community to grow rapidly. Today, it is a thriving community with a mix of residential and commercial developments.

Postal History of Courtice, Ontario

The first post office in the area was set up at Black's Hill (later called Prestonvale) by Colonel James Black after the War of 1812. The first post office named "Courtice" was established in 1882, with Mr. C.W. Lewis as its first postmaster. The post office was finally closed in 1963, and mail operations were taken over by Bowmanville. Today, all mail for Courtice is handled by the Durham East depot (Oshawa).

Sports and Recreation in Courtice, Ontario

Courtice offers a variety of sports and recreational facilities. The South Courtice Arena, opened in 2003, boasts two ice rinks and an NFL-sized turf field. The Courtice Community Complex houses a large indoor pool, a separate wading pool for children, a large water-slide, sauna, hot-tub, weight and training facilities, and numerous meeting rooms. It also houses a branch of the Clarington library.

Local Groups and Organizations in Courtice, Ontario

Courtice is home to several local groups and organizations, including the Lions Club of Courtice, Rotary Club of Courtice, 18th Oshawa Scouting Group, Courtice Broomball Club, and Courtice Fantasy Football League.

Transportation in Courtice, Ontario

Public transit bus service in Courtice is provided by Durham Region Transit and GO Transit. GO Transit is extending the Lakeshore East commuter train line to Bowmanville, which includes a train station in Courtice.

Courtice, Ontario in Film

Courtice has also been a location for film production. Canukr Films, a film studio built within a converted barn, produced Canadian, Ukrainian, and Urdu movies in the 1960s and 1970s. The horror film, Deranged, was produced here in 1974, and an episode of Littlest Hobo was shot within the remains of the Ukrainian village and at the studio in 1982.

Nearest Places to Courtice, Ontario

Courtice is conveniently located near Oshawa to the west and Bowmanville to the east, making it an ideal place for those who enjoy the tranquillity of a small community with easy access to urban amenities.