Brigden, Ontario Canada

Discover Brigden, Ontario: A Historical and Agricultural Hub

Brigden, Ontario is a quaint community nestled in the township of St. Clair, within Lambton County, Canada. This charming locale is situated at the intersection of Courtright Line and Brigden Road, nestled between Kimball to the west and Oil City to the east. Just 20 kilometres southeast of the bustling city of Sarnia, Brigden is a peaceful retreat with a population of approximately 500 residents.

The Historical Significance of Brigden, Ontario

Brigden's history is deeply intertwined with the former Michigan Central Railroad line. The community owes its name to William Wharton Brigden, an engineer who surveyed the railway in 1936. Tragically, Brigden passed away from a heart attack on May 26, 1939, in Battle Creek, Michigan, where he served as the superintendent of the city waterworks.

In its early days, Brigden was a Police village, governed by a Village Chairman and a board of trustees. This historical significance adds a unique charm to the community, making it a fascinating destination for history enthusiasts.

Brigden, Ontario: The Centre of a Thriving Agricultural District

Brigden is not just a historical hub; it's also the heart of a thriving agricultural district. The community's rich farmlands and dedicated farmers contribute significantly to the local economy and the overall agricultural industry in Lambton County.

Annual Events in Brigden, Ontario

Brigden is known for its vibrant community spirit, which is best showcased during its annual events. The Brigden Fair, held on the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, is the last fair of the season in Lambton County. This event is a highlight of the year, drawing visitors from all over the region.

In addition to the fair, the Brigden Community Fest is another annual event that brings the community together in celebration. These events offer a glimpse into the close-knit community spirit that defines Brigden.

Famous Personalities from Brigden, Ontario

Brigden is also the birthplace of notable businessman JR Shaw, the founder and executive chairman of Shaw Communications. His success story adds to the rich tapestry of Brigden's history and its contribution to the wider world.

In conclusion, Brigden, Ontario is a community steeped in history and agricultural significance. Its annual events, notable personalities, and historical roots make it a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Lambton County.