Discover Wingham, Ontario: A Blend of History and Charm

Wingham, Ontario, a community with a population of 2,934 according to the 2016 census, is nestled in the municipality of North Huron, Ontario, Canada. This charming town, located in Huron County, became a part of North Huron in 2001 following the Ontario government's amalgamation of the former township of East Wawanosh, the village of Blyth, and the town of Wingham. Wingham is conveniently situated at the intersection of County Roads 4 and 86, with most of its area stretching between County Road 86 to the south and the Maitland River to the north.

The Historical Journey of Wingham, Ontario

The original survey for Wingham was conducted in 1854, dedicating 1,000 acres to the community north of what is now Highway 86 and Highway 4. The town's initial development was centered around the Maitland River, leveraging its water power and transportation opportunities. The settlement's form soon changed when the proposed Canada North-West Railway line was surveyed to the south of the village in 1858. This led to the development of two distinct areas: Lower Wingham, the initial settlement, and a more dynamic Upper Wingham near the proposed railway line.

Wingham was incorporated as a village in 1874, with its boundaries only including Upper Wingham. The community was incorporated as a town in 1879, and the town hall was constructed and opened in 1890. The community's post office was built across the street and opened in 1907. Multiple-unit business buildings were constructed from 1878 to 1892, lining the town's main street. The community's hospital, serving Wingham and surrounding areas, dates back to 1906.

Wingham, Ontario: A Town with a Rich Railway History

Wingham has a complex railway history. The first railway to arrive was the Wellington, Grey and Bruce Railway (WG&B), a subsidiary of the Great Western Railway. The second railway to arrive in Wingham was the London, Huron and Bruce Railway (LH&B) in December 1875. The third and final railway to arrive was the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). The arrival of the CPR ignited a competition between it and the Grand Trunk, which renovated its existing station and maintained competitive freight rates to the town.

Transportation in Wingham, Ontario

Wingham is located to the north of County Road 86 which connects to Kitchener-Waterloo to the east. The main thoroughfare is County Road 4, called Josephine Street within Wingham, which connects to London, Ontario to the south. Wingham/Richard W. LeVan Aerodrome is a general aviation airport to the southeast of Wingham with fuel services and private hangars. Wingham was served by scheduled bus service to London, Owen Sound, and Stratford until 2013, when provider Aboutown entered receivership.

Attractions in Wingham, Ontario

The North Huron Museum provides an overview of the history of the Township of North Huron beginning in the Paleolithic era and continuing into modern times. This museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in the rich history of Wingham, Ontario.