Fort Frances

Fort Frances, Ontario Canada

Fort Frances is located in Northwestern Ontario, in the Rainy River District.

Experience the riches of the Rainy River District, the sun filled summer days, the kaleidoscope of fall colours, the crisp cool air of winter mornings and bursting revival of every spring.

The Rainy River District is a great place to raise a family. The warm, friendly people live in a relaxed and satisfying lifestyle with superb natural treasures and exciting outdoor activities, coupled with great entertainment.

The hub of the Rainy River District is the town of Fort Frances. The town is the judicial, medical, and business centre of the area and has the infrastructure to supply the needs of all area businesses, both large and small. Fort Frances offers a secure and stable economic base for your company to begin and prosper. The town has the advantages of a large city with the convenience of a small town. Fort Frances offers all the amenities desired for a comfortable living; fully serviced land, affordable housing, a developed industrial site and the lowest priced utilities in Northwestern Ontario.

Sharing a common border with Minnesota offers the Rainy River District the best of two nations. Companies have access to both Canadian and US markets which can be reached daily via air courier, truck services, Highway 11 and the Canadian National Railway. The Rainy River District offers excellent access to the Upper Midwest of the United States and east/west connections to the prairies and Eastern/Southern Ontario.

Source: Town of Fort Frances

Fort Frances, Ontario Businesses

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