Discover Drayton, Ontario: A Blend of History, Entertainment, and Recreation

Drayton, a charming community nestled in Wellington County, Ontario, Canada, is a part of the township of Mapleton. Geographically, it is situated on the corner of Wellington Road 8 and Wellington Road 11, northwest of Fergus and southwest of Arthur.

The Historical Roots of Drayton, Ontario

The community of Drayton was named in 1851 after Drayton Manor in Staffordshire, England. This manor was the residence of Robert Peel, a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This historical connection adds a layer of depth to the rich cultural tapestry of Drayton, Ontario.

Entertainment in Drayton, Ontario

Drayton is home to the renowned Drayton Festival Theatre, a beautifully renovated 1902 Opera House that seats 375 people. The theatre has a rich history of entertaining audiences with the finest talent in professional theatre, including legendary performers such as Beatrice Lillie. The CEO and Artistic Director of Drayton Entertainment is Alex Mustakas.

In addition to the theatre, Drayton also hosts a branch of the Wellington County library system, offering a wealth of knowledge and resources for residents and visitors alike.

Drayton, Ontario and Natural Disasters

On June 23, 2017, Drayton and surrounding Wellington County towns declared a state of emergency due to severe flooding. Over 100 mm of rain fell within 24 hours, leading to the closure of many roads and flooding of hundreds of basements. This event marked a significant moment in Drayton's recent history.

Recreational Activities in Drayton, Ontario

Drayton boasts a variety of recreational facilities, including the PMD Arena, agricultural fairgrounds, Kinsmen Park, Riverside Park, Centennial Park, and ABC Park. The community also features various soccer fields and baseball diamonds scattered throughout the area.

Children in Drayton have the opportunity to participate in official soccer, hockey, or baseball leagues, as well as many intramural teams in school. These recreational activities contribute to the vibrant community spirit in Drayton, Ontario.