Trout Creek

Trout Creek: A Hidden Gem in Ontario

Trout Creek is a small community located in the Parry Sound District of Ontario, Canada. Despite its size, it offers a variety of attractions and natural wonders that make it a must-visit destination for tourists. From parks and lakes to trails and festivals, Trout Creek has something for everyone.


One of the most popular attractions in Trout Creek is the Trout Creek Community Centre. This facility offers a variety of activities for visitors, including ice skating, hockey, and curling. It also hosts community events throughout the year, such as craft fairs and concerts.

Another popular attraction is the Trout Creek Train Tunnel. This historic tunnel was built in the early 1900s and was used to transport logs from the forests to the sawmills. Today, visitors can walk through the tunnel and learn about its history.

Natural Wonders

Trout Creek is home to a number of beautiful parks and lakes. One of the most popular is the Trout Creek Provincial Park. This park offers camping, hiking, and swimming opportunities, as well as a beautiful sandy beach.

Another natural wonder in Trout Creek is the Wasi Falls. This waterfall is located just outside of the community and is a popular spot for hiking and picnicking.


Trout Creek is known for its annual Trout Creek Winter Carnival. This festival takes place in February and features a variety of winter activities, such as ice fishing, snowshoeing, and sleigh rides. It also includes a parade and a fireworks display.

Another popular festival in Trout Creek is the Trout Creek Maple Syrup Festival. This festival takes place in March and celebrates the community's rich maple syrup heritage. Visitors can enjoy maple syrup tastings, live music, and a pancake breakfast.


Trout Creek was established in the late 1800s as a logging community. It was officially incorporated as a village in 1906. The community was named after the trout that were abundant in the nearby creek.

The person who started the community was John Ferguson, a Scottish immigrant who came to Canada in the mid-1800s. He saw the potential for a logging community in the area and began to build sawmills and other infrastructure. His efforts helped to establish Trout Creek as a thriving community.


Trout Creek may be a small community, but it offers a wealth of attractions and natural wonders that make it a must-visit destination for tourists. From its beautiful parks and lakes to its historic train tunnel and festivals, there is something for everyone in Trout Creek.


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