Discover Hensall, Ontario: The White Bean Capital of Canada

Hensall, Ontario, a community nestled in Bluewater, Ontario, Canada, is a charming locale with a population of 1,173, according to the 2011 Census. This community is situated in the heart of Huron County's agricultural land, making it a hub for large processing facilities. Hensall, Ontario is home to Thompsons Limited, Hensall Co-op, and Cook's Division of Parrish & Heimbecker Ltd., where thousands of tons of beans are processed, packaged, and shipped worldwide every year.

The Rich History of Hensall, Ontario

Hensall, Ontario, proudly known as the White Bean Capital of Canada, has a history rooted in growth and development that began in the 19th century with traditional farming methods. The community was named after the village of Hensall in Yorkshire, England, and was founded by two brothers from Hensall, Yorkshire, George and James Petty, in 1851.

The London, Huron, and Bruce Railway was built through Hensall, Ontario in the 1870s, marking a significant milestone in the community's development. However, this period was not without its tragedies, as a railway accident in 1896 resulted in the death of a brakeman named Alexander Livingston. In the same year, Hensall had a recorded population of 898. A decade earlier, in 1876, Hensall, Ontario had established its first post office.

Hensall, Ontario is also home to two churches: the Hensall United Church, belonging to the United Church of Canada, established around 1887, and the Cornerstone Church, belonging to the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptists, which was established on May 1, 2022.

Exploring the Geography of Hensall, Ontario

Hensall, Ontario is strategically located where Huron Road 84, running east from Zurich, bisects Highway 4, running north from Exeter. This location makes it easily accessible and a convenient stop for travelers.

Hensall, Ontario is serviced by the Huron Shores Area Transit on Route 3. This route runs from Goderich to Grand Bend, stopping in Bayfield, Hensall, Zurich, and St. Joseph, making it easy for visitors and locals alike to explore the surrounding areas.

Whether you're a history enthusiast, a food lover, or just a traveler looking for a new destination, Hensall, Ontario offers a unique blend of history, agriculture, and community spirit that is sure to captivate you.