Discovering Pefferlaw, Ontario: A Blend of History and Natural Beauty

Pefferlaw, Ontario, a charming community nestled within the Town of Georgina, is a hidden gem located just 3 kilometres south of the southeastern shores of Lake Simcoe. The community is crisscrossed by the Pefferlaw River and major traffic arteries such as Highway 48 and Lake Ridge Road. This quaint town, along with Virginia Beach, Udora, and Port Bolster, falls under the 705 area code.

Pefferlaw, Ontario: Geography and Demographics

Pefferlaw, Ontario, is a part of the Georgina Census division. As of 2005, the estimated population was around 3,000. The town sits approximately 200 to 250 metres above sea level and is largely centered around the Pefferlaw Dam, which blocks the Pefferlaw River.

The commercial district of Pefferlaw, Ontario, lies just north of the dam and boasts a variety of amenities including a supermarket, hotel, youth centre, automobile service station, Canada Post office, medical centre with pharmacy, Liquor Control Board of Ontario retail store, and a branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

The town also features several public facilities operated by the Town of Georgina, including a public library, community centre, fire station, and a large multi-use park. The only place of worship in the town is the Cedardale Church, located just north of the intersection of Morning Glory Road and Pefferlaw Road. The York Region District School Board operates Morning Glory Public School, an elementary school 5 minutes north of town on Highway 48.

Pefferlaw, Ontario: A Natural Paradise

Pefferlaw, Ontario, is primarily situated in a forest setting, with farmlands to the west, the northwest, and the north. More farmlands are east of Lake Ridge Road and Pefferlaw. The forests, which cover most of the area around Pefferlaw and to the south, are almost connected with the forests south of Sutton. These forests are mainly composed of pine and other varieties of trees, covering about 600 to 700 square kilometres and making up about 80% of the area around Pefferlaw.

Community Groups in Pefferlaw, Ontario

Pefferlaw, Ontario, is home to several community groups, including the 659 Brock Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, the Pefferlaw Lions Club, the Pefferlaw Association of Ratepayers (PAR), and the Scouts Canada, 1st Pefferlaw Group.

Pefferlaw, Ontario: Proximity to Nearby Communities

Pefferlaw, Ontario, is conveniently located near several other communities. It is about 10 minutes south of Udora, 15 minutes east of Cannington, 15 minutes west of Sutton, 20 minutes west of Keswick, 20 minutes northeast of Beaverton, 20 minutes south of Uxbridge, 25 minutes southeast of Sunderland, and 45 minutes south of Whitby.

Pefferlaw, Ontario: A Historical Perspective

Pefferlaw, Ontario, was founded in the late 1820s by Captain William Johnson, a British Naval Officer who was released from service in 1815 following the Battle of Waterloo. The name "Pefferlaw" was suggested by Captain Johnson's brother in remembrance of a field among the heather on their old homestead, meaning “a beautiful greensward.”

By 1832, Captain Johnson had built a sawmill, woolen mill, and gristmill in Pefferlaw. The first store in the village was built in August 1833, and the second store was built by George Johnson, son of Captain William, in 1856. Banking came to Pefferlaw with the arrival of the C.N.R. Railway in 1906.

Pefferlaw, Ontario, had its share of hotels in its early days. The Morning Glory Hotel was built in the 1860s and stood for many years on the site of the present-day Morning Glory Public School. The Mansion House Hotel was built in 1884 and was renamed Hotel Belvedere in 1906 when it changed owners.

Captain Johnson died in 1851 at "Oldcastle", lot 6, conc. 7, Georgina, which was always his home. He is buried there. Today, Pefferlaw, Ontario, continues to be a community rich in history and natural beauty, offering a unique blend of past and present for residents and visitors alike.