Courtright, Ontario Canada

Discover Courtright, Ontario: A Historical Gem in Lambton County

Courtright, Ontario, is a charming unincorporated community nestled in the heart of St. Clair Township, Lambton County. This quaint community is beautifully situated on the banks of the St. Clair River, just south of the bustling city of Sarnia.

The History of Courtright, Ontario

Courtright, Ontario, boasts a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. It was officially incorporated as a village on June 25, 1907. For nearly seven decades, Courtright thrived as an independent village, contributing to the cultural and economic fabric of Lambton County. However, in 1974, Courtright was disincorporated. Despite this, the community has retained its unique charm and continues to be a vibrant part of St. Clair Township.

Courtright, Ontario: A Riverside Community

One of the defining features of Courtright, Ontario, is its prime location on the St. Clair River. This picturesque setting offers residents and visitors alike a tranquil environment to enjoy a variety of recreational activities. Whether you're a fan of boating, fishing, or simply enjoying the serene views, Courtright's riverside location is sure to captivate you.

Visit Courtright, Ontario

Despite its small size, Courtright, Ontario, is a community that leaves a big impression. Its rich history, coupled with its beautiful riverside location, makes it a must-visit destination in Lambton County. Whether you're a history buff, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone simply looking for a peaceful getaway, Courtright, Ontario, has something to offer you.

In conclusion, Courtright, Ontario, is a historical gem in Lambton County that is waiting to be discovered. Its unique blend of history and natural beauty makes it a standout destination in Ontario, Canada.