Discover Marmora, Ontario: A Blend of History and Adventure

Marmora, Ontario, is the largest community in the Municipality of Marmora and Lake in Hastings County, Canada. Nestled on the Crowe River and along Highway 7, Marmora is conveniently located between Havelock and Madoc, making it a halfway point between Ottawa and Toronto.

The Rich History of Marmora, Ontario

Marmora's history is deeply intertwined with the story of mining in Eastern Ontario. Since 1820, Marmora has been a significant player in the development of iron mining. The area has also seen the extraction of copper, lead, silver, gold, and lithographic limestone.

The village, originally named Marmora Iron Works, was a hub for iron mining during the 19th century. Gold and silver were also mined at the nearby Cordova Mines, while a nearby plant processed talc and dolomite.

In 1821, the newly surveyed townships of Elzevir, Madoc, and Marmora were added to Hastings County, thanks to the initiative of Charles Hayes, an Irish entrepreneur. In return, he established the Marmora Iron Works. The new Township of Marmora was named after the Latin word for marble, inspired by a giant rock of delicate white marble located on the southeast corner of Crowe Lake.

The hamlet of Marmora was separated from the Township and incorporated as a village in 1901. It was re-amalgamated with the surrounding townships of Marmora and Lake in 2001 to form the newly expanded Municipality of Marmora and Lake.

Local Attractions and Events in Marmora, Ontario

While mining and lumbering have been vital to Marmora's economy, agriculture has supported more people in the area since 1850. A lasting legacy of iron mining is the Marmora Open Pit Mine, a man-made wonder-lake filled with clear blue spring water and home to a variety of wildlife.

Outdoor recreational activities such as camping, ATV trail riding, fishing, and hunting are popular among locals and tourists. The Crowe River, flowing from Crowe Lake, offers excellent fishing opportunities for bass, muskie, pike, walleye, and other fish species.

Marmora is home to the beautiful Glen Allan Park, a cottage and trailer resort on the north shore of Crowe Lake, and the scenic Crowe Valley Campground. The town also hosts the annual "Crowe Valley Jamboree" and the Marmora Area Canoe and Kayak Festival, chosen by the Kawartha WhiteWater Paddlers for its many rivers. Car enthusiasts can enjoy The Classic Cruisers car show, running every Thursday throughout the summer.

Former Attractions and Events in Marmora, Ontario

From 1979 to 2017, Marmora hosted the annual Marmora Cup dog-sled races, making the Marmora SnoFest the longest-running event of its type in Canada. The town was also the former home of The Marmora Lakers Men's Senior AAA Hockey Team until it was sold in 2008.

Marmora was also known for its annual Punk Fest, which attracted "punks" and bands from all over the world. However, the township put an end to the festivities due to safety concerns.

In conclusion, Marmora, Ontario, is a town rich in history and brimming with outdoor adventures, making it a must-visit destination for history buffs and nature lovers alike.