What communities are in Alberta, Canada

Alberta, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and diverse population, is home to many vibrant and unique communities. From large metropolitan cities to small rural towns, the province of Alberta boasts a wide variety of communities that cater to different lifestyles and interests.

Major Communities

Some major communities in Alberta include:


Calgary, widely known as the "Stampede City," is the largest city in Alberta and home to over 1.3 million people. It is a bustling metropolis that offers a diverse range of cultural and recreational activities, including world-class museums, art galleries, music festivals, and outdoor adventures.


Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, is another major urban center that is home to over 980,000 people. It is known for its vibrant arts and cultural scene, as well as its numerous parks and green spaces.

Red Deer

Red Deer, located in central Alberta, is a growing city that offers a wide range of recreational opportunities, including hiking, fishing, and skiing.


Lethbridge, located in southern Alberta, is a smaller city that is known for its stunning river valley and abundance of parks and trails.

Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat, located in southeastern Alberta, is a charming city that boasts a rich history and a thriving arts and culture scene.

Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray, located in northeastern Alberta, is a major hub for the oil and gas industry and is home to a diverse population of workers from all over Canada and abroad.

Grande Prairie

Finally, Grande Prairie, located in northwestern Alberta, is a vibrant community that offers a variety of cultural and recreational activities, including music festivals, fairs, and rodeos.

Smaller Communities

In addition to these major communities, Alberta is also home to many smaller towns and villages that offer a quieter, more laid-back lifestyle. Whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of a big city or the peace and tranquility of a rural community, Alberta has something to offer everyone. So whether you're looking to relocate or just planning a visit, be sure to check out some of the many communities that make Alberta such a special place to live, work, and play.

CommunityPopulationProvinceAlberta Tourism Region
Acme, Alberta653AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Airdrie, Alberta70564AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Alberta Beach, Alberta1048AlbertaLakelands Region
Alix, Alberta857AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Anzac, Alberta607AlbertaWood Buffalo Region
Ardrossan, Alberta2225AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Athabasca, Alberta2965AlbertaLakelands Region
Balzac, Alberta1641AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Banff, Alberta8421AlbertaCanadian Rockies Region
Barnwell, Alberta947AlbertaSouthern Rockies Region
Barrhead, Alberta4116AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Bashaw, Alberta871AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Bassano, Alberta1206AlbertaCanadian Badlands Region
Beaumont, Alberta19236AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Beaverlodge, Alberta2365AlbertaWest Country Region
Beiseker, Alberta819AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Bentley, Alberta1073AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Berwyn, Alberta517AlbertaNorthern Rockies Region
Black Diamond, Alberta2700AlbertaFoothills Region
Blackfalds, Alberta10125AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Blairmore, Alberta1964AlbertaSouthern Rockies Region
Bon Accord, Alberta1529AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Bonnyville, Alberta6216AlbertaLakelands Region
Bow Island, Alberta2025AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Bowden, Alberta1241AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Boyle, Alberta986AlbertaLakelands Region
Breton, Alberta579AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Brooks, Alberta14451AlbertaCanadian Badlands Region
Bruderheim, Alberta1308AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Calgary, Alberta1239220AlbertaFoothills Region
Calmar, Alberta2228AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Camrose, Alberta19335AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Canmore, Alberta14161AlbertaCanadian Rockies Region
Carbon, Alberta592AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Cardston, Alberta3585AlbertaFoothills Region
Caroline, Alberta549AlbertaWest Country Region
Carstairs, Alberta4077AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Castor, Alberta917AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Chestermere, Alberta20565AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Clairmont, Alberta1085AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Claresholm, Alberta3780AlbertaFoothills Region
Clive, Alberta714AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Coaldale, Alberta9133AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Coalhurst, Alberta2668AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Cochrane, Alberta29277AlbertaFoothills Region
Cold Lake, Alberta14961AlbertaLakelands Region
Coleman, Alberta1100AlbertaSouthern Rockies Region
Consort, Alberta708AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Coronation, Alberta961AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Crossfield, Alberta3162AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Cypress County, Alberta7587AlbertaFoothills Region
Daysland, Alberta820AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
De Winton, Alberta1835AlbertaFoothills Region
Dead Man's Flats, Alberta500AlbertaCanadian Rockies Region
Delburne, Alberta881AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Desert Blume, Alberta1097AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Devon, Alberta6578AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Didsbury, Alberta5268AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Drayton Valley, Alberta7235AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Drumheller, Alberta7982AlbertaCanadian Badlands Region
Duchess, Alberta876AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Dunmore, Alberta1251AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Eckville, Alberta1125AlbertaWest Country Region
Edmonton, Alberta1035298AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Edson, Alberta8414AlbertaWest Country Region
Elk Point, Alberta1452AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Enoch Cree Nation 135, Alberta1350AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Entwistle, Alberta508AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Evansburg, Alberta653AlbertaWest Country Region
Fairview, Alberta3067AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Falher, Alberta1049AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Foremost, Alberta541AlbertaSouthern Rockies Region
Forestburg, Alberta1035AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Fort Chipewyan, Alberta847AlbertaWood Buffalo Region
Fort Macleod, Alberta3000AlbertaHistoric Plains Region
Fort McKay, Alberta657AlbertaWood Buffalo Region
Fort McMurray, Alberta61374AlbertaWood Buffalo Region
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta26942AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Fort Vermilion, Alberta727AlbertaWood Buffalo Region
Fox Creek, Alberta2112AlbertaWest Country Region
Gibbons, Alberta3159AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Grande Cache, Alberta3571AlbertaNorthern Rockies Region
Grande Prairie, Alberta63166AlbertaNorthern Rockies Region
Grassy Lake, Alberta1027AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Grimshaw, Alberta2852AlbertaNorthern Rockies Region
Hanna, Alberta2673AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Hardisty, Alberta639AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Hay Lakes, Alberta510AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
High Level, Alberta3065AlbertaNorthern Rockies Region
High Prairie, Alberta2600AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
High River, Alberta13584AlbertaFoothills Region
Hinton, Alberta10569AlbertaFoothills Region
Hythe, Alberta930AlbertaWest Country Region
Innisfail, Alberta8188AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Irricana, Alberta1216AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Jasper, Alberta4590AlbertaCanadian Rockies Region
Killam, Alberta1001AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Kitscoty, Alberta1008AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
La Crete, Alberta2415AlbertaNorthern Rockies Region
Lac La Biche, Alberta2500AlbertaLakelands Region
Lacombe, Alberta13057AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Lacombe County, Alberta13176AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Lake Isle, Alberta510AlbertaLakelands Region
Lamont, Alberta1774AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Langdon, Alberta5858AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Leduc, Alberta33000AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Leduc County, Alberta13524AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Legal, Alberta1333AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Lethbridge, Alberta101482AlbertaFoothills Region
Linden, Alberta828AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Lloydminster, Alberta13042AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Magrath, Alberta2435AlbertaFoothills Region
Manning, Alberta1164AlbertaNorthern Rockies Region
Mannville, Alberta802AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Marwayne, Alberta583AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Mayerthorpe, Alberta1320AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
McLennan, Alberta809AlbertaNorthern Rockies Region
Medicine Hat, Alberta63260AlbertaCanadian Badlands Region
Milk River, Alberta815AlbertaCanadian Badlands Region
Millet, Alberta2092AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Mirror, Alberta503AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Morinville, Alberta9848AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Mînî Thnî, Alberta2829AlbertaFoothills Region
Mountain View, Alberta12920AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Mundare, Alberta855AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Nanton, Alberta2132AlbertaFoothills Region
Nisku, Alberta1062AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Nobleford, Alberta1278AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Okotoks, Alberta30000AlbertaFoothills Region
Olds, Alberta9184AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Onoway, Alberta1029AlbertaLakelands Region
Oyen, Alberta1000AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Peace River, Alberta6729AlbertaNorthern Rockies Region
Penhold, Alberta3277AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Picture Butte, Alberta1810AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Pincher Creek, Alberta3642AlbertaFoothills Region
Ponoka, Alberta7229AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Priddis, Alberta1097AlbertaFoothills Region
Provost, Alberta2040AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Rainbow Lake, Alberta811AlbertaNorthern Rockies Region
Raymond, Alberta4114AlbertaSouthern Rockies Region
Red Deer, Alberta100418AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Red Deer County, Alberta20731AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Redcliff, Alberta3999AlbertaCanadian Badlands Region
Redwater, Alberta2053AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Redwood Meadows, Alberta1969AlbertaFoothills Region
Rimbey, Alberta2567AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Rivière Qui Barre, Alberta1055AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta6635AlbertaWest Country Region
Rycroft, Alberta616AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Saddle Lake, Alberta2964AlbertaLakelands Region
Sedgewick, Alberta831AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Sexsmith, Alberta2788AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Sherwood Park, Alberta70618AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Siksika 146, Alberta3071AlbertaCanadian Badlands Region
Slave Lake, Alberta6651AlbertaLakelands Region
Smoky Lake, Alberta961AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Spirit River, Alberta1025AlbertaWest Country Region
Spruce Grove, Alberta34066AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Spruce View, Alberta917AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
St. Albert, Alberta66082AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
St. Paul, Alberta5827AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Stand Off, Alberta1263AlbertaFoothills Region
Stavely, Alberta509AlbertaFoothills Region
Stettler, Alberta5952AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Stirling, Alberta1090AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Stony Plain, Alberta17189AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Strathmore, Alberta13327AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Sturgeon County, Alberta20495AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Sundre, Alberta2729AlbertaFoothills Region
Swan Hills, Alberta1301AlbertaWildlands Region
Sylvan Lake, Alberta14816AlbertaLakelands Region
Taber, Alberta8428AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Thorhild, Alberta1186AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Thorsby, Alberta985AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Three Hills, Alberta3212AlbertaCanadian Badlands Region
Tofield, Alberta2182AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Trochu, Alberta1059AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Tsuutʼina Nation, Alberta2367AlbertaFoothills Region
Turner Valley, Alberta2559AlbertaFoothills Region
Two Hills, Alberta1352AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Valleyview, Alberta1972AlbertaNorthern Rockies Region
Vauxhall, Alberta1288AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Vegreville, Alberta5717AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Vermilion, Alberta4139AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Viking, Alberta1041AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Vulcan, Alberta1917AlbertaCanadian Badlands Region
Wabamun, Alberta682AlbertaLakelands Region
Wabasca, Alberta1964AlbertaWood Buffalo Region
Wainwright, Alberta6289AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Warburg, Alberta789AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Wembley, Alberta1516AlbertaNorthern Rockies Region
Westlock, Alberta5101AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Wetaskiwin, Alberta12655AlbertaCentral Prairies Region
Whitecourt, Alberta10204AlbertaWest Country Region