Discover Nisku, Alberta: A Hamlet with Industrial Charm

Nisku, Alberta, is a unique blend of a quaint hamlet and a bustling industrial/business park nestled within Leduc County. This Canadian gem sits at an elevation of 705 metres (2,313 ft), offering a unique perspective of the surrounding landscape. Nisku, which translates to "goose" in Cree, is strategically located east of the intersection of Queen Elizabeth II Highway (Highway 2) and Highway 625, between the vibrant cities of Edmonton and Leduc.

The Industrial Heart of Nisku, Alberta: Nisku Industrial Park

The Nisku Industrial Park, also known as the Nisku Business Park, is a significant feature of Nisku, Alberta. This industrial hub surrounds the hamlet, stretching from Edmonton's southern city limits to Leduc's northern city limits on the east side of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway. The park is bisected by Highway 625 (20 Avenue), which transforms into Highway 19 west of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway. The southern half of the park is conveniently located opposite the Edmonton International Airport.

Established in 1972 by the Sparrow family, the Nisku Industrial Park has evolved into a crucial service centre for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Today, it stands as one of the largest industrial/business parks in Western Canada. Spanning 2,044 ha (5,050 acres), the park houses over 400 businesses and employs more than 6,000 workers. Interestingly, Leduc County does not levy a business tax in the park. The park's size and significance have been compared to "all of downtown Toronto from the waterfront to Forest Hill".

Nisku, Alberta: A Snapshot of Demographics

Despite its industrial prowess, Nisku, Alberta, maintains its hamlet charm with a small population. According to the 2005 municipal census conducted by Leduc County, the hamlet is home to just 30 residents. This small community adds to the unique charm of Nisku, making it a fascinating destination for those seeking a blend of rural tranquillity and industrial vibrancy.