De Winton, Alberta Canada

Discover De Winton, Alberta: A Hamlet Steeped in History and Charm

De Winton is a quaint hamlet nestled in the heart of southern Alberta, Canada. It's situated within the Foothills County, just south of the bustling City of Calgary and west of the scenic Highway 2A, also known as MacLeod Trail. This charming community, also known by the variant name Dewinton, carries the legacy of its namesake, Francis de Winton, a distinguished British army officer.

The Historical Significance of De Winton, Alberta

During the tumultuous times of the Second World War, De Winton played a crucial role as the location of a Royal Air Force pilot training school. The Royal Canadian Air Force air station at De Winton, now known as the De Winton/South Calgary Airport, was the hub of these operations. Temporary buildings were erected to facilitate operations and provide accommodation for service personnel, adding a unique chapter to the hamlet's history.

Demographics of De Winton, Alberta

De Winton, located within Census Division No. 6, is a small but vibrant community. According to the 2003 municipal census conducted by Foothills County, the hamlet boasts a population of 98. Despite its small size, De Winton offers a warm and welcoming community spirit that is truly representative of its rich history and heritage.