Explore the Diverse Communities of British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia is a vast province located on the west coast of Canada. With its breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures, and bustling cities, it's no wonder that it's a popular destination for tourists and immigrants alike. If you're wondering what communities are in British Columbia, we have compiled a list of some of the most notable ones below.


Vancouver is British Columbia's largest city and one of the most diverse cities in Canada. It's known for its stunning natural beauty, thriving arts and culture scene, and world-class cuisine. The city is a hub for business, technology, and innovation, making it an attractive destination for professionals.


Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and a popular tourist destination. The city is known for its historic architecture, picturesque gardens, and scenic waterfront. It's also home to a vibrant arts and culture scene and a growing tech industry.


Kelowna is a city located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. It's known for its warm weather, stunning lakes, and world-renowned wineries. The city is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with hiking, biking, skiing, and water sports all within easy reach.


Whistler is a resort town located in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. It's known for its world-class skiing and snowboarding, as well as its vibrant nightlife and year-round outdoor activities. The town is a popular destination for tourists and adventure-seekers.


Nanaimo is a city located on Vancouver Island. It's known for its mild climate, stunning beaches, and outdoor recreational opportunities. The city is a hub for arts and culture, with a thriving music and theatre scene.


Kamloops is a city located in the Thompson Valley of British Columbia. It's known for its warm weather, scenic landscapes, and outdoor recreational opportunities. The city is a hub for business and commerce, with a growing tech industry.

Prince George

Prince George is a city located in central British Columbia. It's known for its rugged wilderness, outdoor recreational opportunities, and rich cultural heritage. The city is a hub for forestry, mining, and transportation.


Whether you're looking for vibrant cities, stunning natural beauty, or outdoor recreational opportunities, British Columbia has something to offer. From the bustling streets of Vancouver to the rugged wilderness of Prince George, the province is full of diverse communities waiting to be explored.

CommunityPopulationProvinceBritish Columbia Tourism Region
100 Mile House, British Columbia1980British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
108 Mile Ranch, British Columbia2258British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
150 Mile House, British Columbia1635British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Abbotsford, British Columbia141397British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Agassiz, British Columbia6032British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Ahousat, British Columbia1022British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Aldergrove, British Columbia12000British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Anahim Lake, British Columbia1500British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Anglemont, British Columbia1307British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Anmore, British Columbia2210British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Armstrong, British Columbia5114British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Ashcroft, British Columbia1558British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Athalmer, British Columbia1282British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Barriere, British Columbia1713British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Belcarra, British Columbia643British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Bella Bella, British Columbia1548British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Bella Coola, British Columbia1900British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Black Creek, British Columbia2978British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Blind Bay, British Columbia2700British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Bowen Island, British Columbia3680British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Bowser, British Columbia1500British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Brackendale, British Columbia2500British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Brentwood Bay, British Columbia3787British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Burnaby, British Columbia232755British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Burns Lake, British Columbia1779British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Cache Creek, British Columbia1040British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Campbell River, British Columbia35138British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Canal Flats, British Columbia700British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Canoe, British Columbia1761British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Castlegar, British Columbia8039British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Cawston, British Columbia975British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Charlie Lake, British Columbia1569British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Chase, British Columbia2495British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Chemainus, British Columbia3758British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Cherryville, British Columbia936British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Chetwynd, British Columbia2503British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Chilliwack, British Columbia83788British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Christina Lake, British Columbia1369British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Clearwater, British Columbia2324British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Clinton, British Columbia653British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Cobble Hill, British Columbia4828British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Coldstream, British Columbia11311British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Comox, British Columbia14028British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Coombs, British Columbia1327British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Coquitlam, British Columbia139284British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Courtenay, British Columbia25599British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Cowichan Bay, British Columbia2574British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Cranbrook, British Columbia20047British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Creston, British Columbia5306British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Crofton, British Columbia1373British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Cultus Lake, British Columbia1000British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Cumberland, British Columbia3753British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Dawson Creek, British Columbia12178British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Delta, British Columbia102238British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Denman Island, British Columbia1016British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Duncan, British Columbia4944British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Elkford, British Columbia2499British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Enderby, British Columbia2964British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Errington, British Columbia1461British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Esquimalt, British Columbia18576British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Falkland, British Columbia576British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Fanny Bay, British Columbia815British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Fernie, British Columbia5249British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Fort Nelson, British Columbia3366British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Fort St. James, British Columbia1691British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Fort St. John, British Columbia20155British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Fort Steele, British Columbia649British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Fraser Lake, British Columbia988British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Fruitvale, British Columbia2069British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Gabriola, British Columbia4000British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Galiano, British Columbia1058British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Garibaldi Highlands, British Columbia2500British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Gibsons, British Columbia4605British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Gold River, British Columbia1262British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Golden, British Columbia3701British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Grand Forks, British Columbia4049British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Greenwood, British Columbia708British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Grindrod, British Columbia597British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Haisla, British Columbia1480British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia2324British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia1468British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Harrison Mills, British Columbia500British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Hazelton, British Columbia2020British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Heffley Creek, British Columbia1022British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Hope, British Columbia6181British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Hornby Island, British Columbia958British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Horsefly, British Columbia1000British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Houston, British Columbia2993British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Hudson's Hope, British Columbia1015British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Invermere, British Columbia3391British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Jaffray, British Columbia617British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Kaleden, British Columbia1200British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Kamloops, British Columbia90280British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Kaslo, British Columbia1026British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Kelowna, British Columbia142146British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Keremeos, British Columbia1502British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Kimberley, British Columbia7425British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Kitimat, British Columbia8131British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Ladysmith, British Columbia9656British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Lake Cowichan, British Columbia2974British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Langley, British Columbia25888British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Lantzville, British Columbia4028British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Lavington, British Columbia2000British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Lillooet, British Columbia2322British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Lions Bay, British Columbia1334British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Logan Lake, British Columbia2334British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Lower Nicola, British Columbia2305British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Lumby, British Columbia1833British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Mackenzie, British Columbia3507British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Madeira Park, British Columbia2600British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Malahat, British Columbia887British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Maple Ridge, British Columbia82256British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Masset, British Columbia884British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Mayne, British Columbia936British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Mcbride, British Columbia586British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Merritt, British Columbia7139British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Merville, British Columbia1045British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Midway, British Columbia674British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Mill Bay, British Columbia3194British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Mission, British Columbia38833British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Moberly Lake, British Columbia1025British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Montrose, British Columbia1030British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Mount Currie, British Columbia2032British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Nakusp, British Columbia1605British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Nanaimo, British Columbia90504British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Nanoose Bay, British Columbia5000British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Naramata, British Columbia2000British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Nelson, British Columbia10572British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
New Denver, British Columbia504British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
New Hazelton, British Columbia580British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
New Westminster, British Columbia70996British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
North Saanich, British Columbia12000British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
North Vancouver, British Columbia85000British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Okanagan Falls, British Columbia2500British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Oliver, British Columbia4928British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Osoyoos, British Columbia5086British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Parksville, British Columbia12514British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Peachland, British Columbia5428British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Pemberton, British Columbia2574British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Pender Island, British Columbia2256British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Penticton, British Columbia33761British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Pitt Meadows, British Columbia18573British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Port Alberni, British Columbia17678British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Port Alice, British Columbia805British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia58612British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Port Edward, British Columbia544British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Port Hardy, British Columbia4132British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Port Mcneill, British Columbia2064British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Port Moody, British Columbia33551British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Pouce Coupe, British Columbia792British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Powell River, British Columbia13157British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Prince George, British Columbia74003British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Prince Rupert, British Columbia12220British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Princeton, British Columbia2828British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Pritchard, British Columbia1500British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Progress, British Columbia9615British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Qualicum Beach, British Columbia8943British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Quathiaski Cove, British Columbia973British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Queen Charlotte, British Columbia948British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Quesnel, British Columbia9326British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia776British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Revelstoke, British Columbia7547British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Richmond, British Columbia198309British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Roberts Creek, British Columbia1776British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Rosedale, British Columbia1150British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Rossland, British Columbia3729British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Royston, British Columbia1200British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Saanich, British Columbia114148British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Saanichton, British Columbia7291British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Salmo, British Columbia1083British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Salmon Arm, British Columbia17706British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia10500British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Sandspit, British Columbia538British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Savona, British Columbia643British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Sechelt, British Columbia10216British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia1321British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Sicamous, British Columbia2429British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Sidney, British Columbia11672British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Smithers, British Columbia5401British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Sointula, British Columbia828British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Sooke, British Columbia13001British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Sorrento, British Columbia1149British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Sparwood, British Columbia3784British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Squamish, British Columbia20428British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Summerland, British Columbia11615British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Sun Peaks, British Columbia616British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Surrey, British Columbia517887British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Tappen, British Columbia1350British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Taylor, British Columbia1469British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Telkwa, British Columbia1327British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Terrace, British Columbia12219British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Thornhill, British Columbia2615British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Tofino, British Columbia1932British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Trail, British Columbia7709British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
Tsawwassen, British Columbia21588British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia1987British ColumbiaNorthern British Columbia Region
Ucluelet, British Columbia1717British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Union Bay, British Columbia1065British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Upper Fraser, British Columbia1500British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Valemount, British Columbia1018British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Vancouver, British Columbia647540British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Vanderhoof, British Columbia4439British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Vavenby, British Columbia700British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Vernon, British Columbia40116British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Victoria, British Columbia85792British ColumbiaVancouver Island Region
Wasa, British Columbia682British ColumbiaKootenay Rockies Region
West Kelowna, British Columbia34883British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
West Vancouver, British Columbia42694British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Westbank, British Columbia12922British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region
Whistler, British Columbia11854British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
White Rock, British Columbia19952British ColumbiaVancouver Coast Mountains Region
Williams Lake, British Columbia10832British ColumbiaCariboo Chilcotin Coast Region
Winfield, British Columbia3055British ColumbiaThompson Okanagan Region