Brentwood Bay, British Columbia Canada

Discover Brentwood Bay, British Columbia: A Blend of History and Natural Beauty

Brentwood Bay is a charming village nestled in the municipality of Central Saanich, on the Saanich Peninsula in British Columbia, Canada. This quaint village is situated north of Victoria, east of Willis Point, and south of Sidney. Brentwood Bay is beautifully positioned on the Saanich Inlet and the Tod Inlet, offering breathtaking views and a serene environment.

Attractions in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia

Brentwood Bay is home to the world-renowned Butchart Gardens, the enchanting Victoria Butterfly Gardens, and the luxurious Brentwood Bay Lodge & Spa. The village also includes a BC Ferries dock, providing a convenient connection to Mill Bay. The region is a gastronomic delight, hosting various wineries and restaurants that cater to diverse palates. For nature lovers and adventure seekers, Brentwood Bay offers hiking trails and a variety of wildlife in the Gowlland Tod Provincial Park.

Brentwood Bay, British Columbia: A Key Part of the Greater Victoria Area

Brentwood Bay is part of the District of Central Saanich, one of the 13 municipalities that make up the Greater Victoria area. The village is conveniently located on Highway 17A, just west of Highway 17, locally known as the "Pat Bay Highway". This highway is the main route running the length of the Saanich Peninsula. The Brentwood-Mill Bay ferry, the MV Klitsa, run by BC Ferries, also serves the area frequently.

The History of Brentwood Bay, British Columbia

Originally named Sluggett after an early settler, the village was later renamed Brentwood Bay, taking inspiration from the town of Brentwood, Essex.

Brentwood Bay, British Columbia in Film

Brentwood Bay has been the backdrop for several films and television series. The village was featured in "Black Point" starring David Caruso in 2001, "The Mermaid Chair" starring Kim Basinger in 2004, and the television series "Gracepoint" in 2014, which was a remake of the UK's "Broadchurch" from 2013. Most recently, Brentwood Bay was featured in the 2021 series "Maid".