Anahim Lake, British Columbia Canada

Anahim Lake, British Columbia: A Community Overview

Anahim Lake, British Columbia, is a small community nestled in the heart of the province. This village, along with the surrounding areas including Nimpo Lake, is home to approximately 1500 residents. It's important to note that Anahim Lake should not be confused with Anaham, a different community located nine kilometres east of Alexis Creek, British Columbia.

The Ulkatcho First Nation, with a population of 729, resides on nearby reserves. Anahim Lake is situated on Highway 20, 320 km west of Williams Lake and 140 km east of Bella Coola. The community supports three general stores, a motel, a restaurant, and an RCMP detachment.

Anahim Lake, British Columbia: Annual Events and Local Talent

Every July, Anahim Lake, British Columbia, becomes a hub of activity with the Anahim Lake Stampede. This event showcases local talent and serves as the area's major social event.

Anahim Lake, British Columbia: Local Industries

Forestry is a major industry in Anahim Lake, British Columbia. However, the industry has been impacted by the pine beetle epidemic sweeping through Western Canada. In the summer of 2006, the local lumber mill closed down, laying off dozens of mill workers. The mill has since reopened at half capacity. Other local industries include cattle farming, sport fishing, and mushroom picking. The area is renowned for its numerous world-class freshwater fishing lodges and resorts, attracting enthusiasts from around the globe.

Anahim Lake, British Columbia: Home of NHL Star

Anahim Lake, British Columbia, is proud to be the home of National Hockey League Vezina Trophy winner and Olympic gold medalist Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens.

Anahim Lake, British Columbia: Education

Anahim Lake Elementary Jr. Secondary is a public school in Anahim Lake, British Columbia, that serves students from Kindergarten to Grade 10. Part of School District #27, the school has been in operation since 2006. The current principal of the school is Mr. Thomas J Pak.

Anahim Lake, British Columbia: Emergency Services

The Anahim Lake Station of the British Columbia Ambulance Service provides emergency medical services in Anahim Lake, British Columbia. It also facilitates medical transfers from the Ulkatcho Nursing Station. BCEHS employs individuals from the local area as primary care paramedics, emergency medical responders, and drivers.

Anahim Lake, British Columbia: Geological Significance

Anahim Lake, British Columbia, lends its name to the Anahim Volcanic Belt, Anahim hotspot, and Anahim Peak, highlighting the area's geological significance.