Discover Mackenzie, British Columbia: A Blend of History and Natural Beauty

Mackenzie, British Columbia, is a district municipality nestled within the Fraser-Fort George Regional District in central British Columbia, Canada. This charming community is situated at the southern end of Williston Lake. The townsite, established by Alexandra Forest Industries and Cattermole Timber, was named in honor of Sir Alexander MacKenzie.

Transportation in Mackenzie, British Columbia

Mackenzie is conveniently located on Highway 39, just 28 km from Highway 97. Although the frequency of bus services to Chetwynd and Prince George has decreased since Greyhound's departure from Canada, the town is still accessible by road. Mackenzie also boasts a small airport, offering charter services despite the absence of a scheduled passenger service.

Demographics of Mackenzie, British Columbia

According to the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Mackenzie had a population of 3,281, a decrease of 11.7% from its 2016 population of 3,714. The town, with a land area of 154.19 km2, had a population density of 21.3/km2 in 2021.

Climate of Mackenzie, British Columbia

Mackenzie experiences a subarctic climate, with influences from the Pacific Ocean resulting in milder winters than other Canadian locations at similar latitudes. The town enjoys warm summer days, but cool nights ensure that only three months exceed 10 °C in mean temperatures. Winters can be very cold, but are relatively short, with a January mean of −9.2 °C.

Recreational Activities in Mackenzie, British Columbia

Mackenzie is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. In winter, the town hosts dog sled racing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling competitions. Morfee Mountain, overlooking Mackenzie, is perfect for hiking and off-road vehicle usage. The town also offers a swimming pool, indoor skating rink, a curling rink, and two beaches on Morfee Lake. For golf lovers, Mackenzie Golf and Country Club, a semi-private, nine-hole golf course with a driving range, is within walking distance of most of the town.

Community Facilities in Mackenzie, British Columbia

Mackenzie boasts a range of community facilities, including a recreation centre housing a public library, gym, swimming pool, ice rink, and community hall. The town also has an art centre, a museum, two shopping malls, and two schools operated by the Prince George School District. Mackenzie is home to several religious establishments and has been served by CHMM-FM, a not-for-profit radio station, since 2003. The town also has its own Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment, a provincial courtroom, a volunteer fire department, and a municipal hospital.

Tourist Attractions in Mackenzie, British Columbia

Mackenzie is less than 10 km east of Williston Lake reservoir, the largest man-made lake in British Columbia. The town is also home to the world's largest tree crusher, making it a unique destination for tourists. The nearby lakes and forests are perfect for fishing and hunting, adding to the town's appeal for nature lovers.