Heffley Creek, British Columbia Canada

Discover Heffley Creek, British Columbia: A Historical and Touristic Overview

Heffley Creek is a charming neighbourhood nestled in the city of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Located along Highway 5, also known as the Yellowhead Highway, Heffley Creek is the northernmost community of Kamloops. It is bordered by the North Thompson River to the west, Sun Peaks to the east, Rayleigh to the south, and Vinsulla to the north. The community boasts a general store, community hall, and elementary school. Despite being physically separated from the rest of Kamloops by the Thompson River and the Kamloops Indian Reserve, Heffley Creek is a vibrant part of the City of Kamloops.

Geography of Heffley Creek, British Columbia

The geography of Heffley Creek is diverse and includes several bodies of water such as Knouff Lake, Louis Creek, Cahilty Lake, Devick Lake, Edwards Creek, and McGillivray Creek.

History of Heffley Creek, British Columbia

Fur Trade and Settlement in Heffley Creek, British Columbia

Heffley Creek, now within the boundaries of the City of Kamloops, originated as a farming community in the 1860s. The creek was named Buraigon Creek on an 1837 map, a name given during the fur trade era. The name later evolved to Bourdignon and Courdignon. During this period, the east side of the North Thompson River was a route for fur brigades heading north.

The first settlers along the creek were Robert Todd and Samuel Bigham, both former Hudson's Bay Company employees. They settled at Heffley Creek in 1864 but didn't stay long. Bigham leased the hotel and restaurant in the fort at Kamloops, and Todd left for the Shushwap. Bigham passed away at the fort in 1867.

Adam Heffley: The Namesake of Heffley Creek, British Columbia

Heffley Creek is named after Adam Heffley, a miner and packer who arrived in B.C. during the gold rush of 1858. He settled at Bourdignon Creek in 1865 and took over Todd's and Bigham's preemptions at the end of 1869. Heffley raised horses on his ranch and continued to work as a packer. He passed away from a heart attack in 1872, and his property was sold at auction.

John Thomas Edwards: A Prominent Figure in Heffley Creek, British Columbia

John Thomas Edwards bought Adam Heffley's land for over $4,000. Edwards, a prominent rancher and businessman, was born in Wales and moved to B.C. in 1865. Despite a setback during the harsh winter of 1879, Edwards' ranch prospered. By 1888, Heffley Creek was known as Edwards Creek.

Heffley Creek, British Columbia: 1890-1910

The greatest change occurred when J.T. Edwards sold his entire operation to Michael Sullivan. The area continued to be a quiet farming village, primarily raising cattle, sheep, and mixed vegetables. The name officially became Heffley Creek in 1905 with the establishment of the post office.

Heffley Creek, British Columbia: 1911-1930

In 1911, W.R. Austin purchased the old Edwards Ranch and built a general store. By 1912, Heffley Creek had become the centre of a thriving agricultural district. The population of the district grew to about three hundred during the 1920s and 1930s.

Heffley Creek, British Columbia: 1931-1940

In 1931, a group of Kamloops businessmen attempted to dredge gold at the creek. Unfortunately, the dredge broke away from its moorings and overturned. In 1939, Charles McGillivray bought part of the old Edwards ranch and turned it into a large market vegetable farm.

Heffley Creek, British Columbia: 1941-Present

In May 1948, a record flood year, the dam at Devick Lake gave way, causing a 30-foot-high wall of water to rush down Heffley Creek. Fortunately, there were no injuries except for a few drowned cattle and other livestock. Today, Heffley Creek continues to be a vibrant community, rich in history and natural beauty.