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Map location of Central Region in Manitoba, MB Canada

Central Region of Manitoba Map

Manitoba Communities
Portage La Pairie
St. Ambroise

Map of Central Region in Manitoba, Canada


Central Manitoba | Travel & Tourism Information Guide

Golden grain meets blue sky amid a scenic collage of images past and present. Prairie towns paint pictures of early farming life. The Central Plains stir with tall prairie grasses, quiet parks and unblemished wetlands.

Flocks of birds fill the skies at Delta Marsh, one of the continents largest waterfowl staging marshes. The rare beauty of prairie orchids - including the endangered Ladys Slipper - dresses the plains every spring.

Experience prairie farming in the 1800s at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum and the annual Austin Threshermens Reunion and Stampede. More secrets are revealed about early prairie life at Fort la Reine Museum and Pioneer Village.

Nature set the stage. History wrote the script. The Central Plains - a production of unparalleled beauty.

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