Altona, Manitoba Canada

Discover Altona, Manitoba: A Rich Blend of History, Culture, and Attractions

A Brief Overview of Altona, Manitoba

Altona is a charming town nestled in southern Manitoba, Canada. Located approximately 100 km south-west of Winnipeg and 158 km north of Grand Forks, North Dakota, Altona is home to 4,390 residents as per the 2021 Census. Founded in 1880 by Plautdietsch-speaking Mennonites from the Russian Empire, Altona is surrounded by the Municipality of Rhineland. The town is primarily agricultural, with much of the surrounding area devoted to farming and agriculture-based businesses.

The Historical Journey of Altona, Manitoba

The history of Altona, Manitoba dates back to 1874 when Plautdietsch-speaking Mennonites from Russia began settling in Manitoba. They signed a Privilegium with the Canadian government and initially settled in the Mennonite Reserve, which is now largely the Rural Municipality of Hanover. The first settlement at Altona was made in 1880 by Bergthal Mennonites from the East Reserve. The Canadian Pacific Railway extended to Altona in 1882 and 1895, leading to the establishment of a separate town-site, also named Altona. The village area later became known as Old Altona. Altona was incorporated as a village separate from the Rural Municipality of Rhineland in 1946 and officially became a town in 1956.

Demographics of Altona, Manitoba

As per the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Altona, Manitoba had a population of 4,390 living in 1,700 of its 1,760 total private dwellings. This represented a 1.3% increase from its 2016 population of 4,212. With a land area of 9.35 km2, Altona had a population density of 456.4/km2 in 2021.

Arts and Culture in Altona, Manitoba

Known as "The Sunflower Capital of Canada", Altona, Manitoba hosts the annual Sunflower Festival, which began in 1965. The festival includes a pageant, a small midway, quilt show, baseball tournament, stage show, and street dance. In 2008, Altona opened an Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden, showcasing various styles of artwork. Altona's sister city is Emerald, Queensland, Australia, and every year a Sunflower Festival Queen is crowned who gets a free flight to Emerald to participate in their Sunflower Festival.

Attractions in Altona, Manitoba

Altona, Manitoba is home to the world's largest replica of a famous painting by Vincent van Gogh, recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records in 1998. The town also houses the Gallery in the Park, a heritage home turned fine art gallery and outdoor sculpture garden. The Trans Canada Trail passes through Altona, leading south to Gretna and west to Rosengart through Buffalo Creek Nature Park. The Oakview Golf & Country Club is another popular attraction, located just 9.5 km south of Altona.

Infrastructure in Altona, Manitoba

Altona, Manitoba boasts a robust infrastructure with the Altona Municipal Airport located about 2.8 km southeast of the town. Manitoba Highway 30 and Provincial Road 201 serve as the main north–south and east–west routes respectively. The town has also invested in recreational facilities, including the Altona Aquatic Centre, a trails system, and the Millennium Exhibition Centre. Other facilities include a triples tennis court, a large playground, a skate park, and a full-size baseball diamond known as Access Field.