North of 53 or Northern Region of Manitoba Map

Map North of 53 or Northern Region in Manitoba, Canada

Northern Manitoba | Travel & Tourism Information Guide

Rugged, unspoiled terrain covers much of this northern wilderness. Trophy-size fish swim its deep, clear waters and the northern lights dance in the still night sky.

Journey to Churchill and witness the grace and beauty of the polar bear in its natural habitat. Watch massive beluga whales rise and fall in the shimmering waters of the Churchill River. Gaze up at Manitobas highest waterfall at Kwasitchewan Falls.

Rich in native culture and traditions, the North is a living portrait of the Aboriginal way of life. The Pas Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival and Opaskwayak Indian Days celebrate a proud and colourful past. Three historic forts stand at Norway House - reminders of the key role Manitobas north played in the fur trade.

The North. A wilderness paradise beyond expectations. Beyond imagination.

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