Flin Flon, Manitoba Canada

Discover Flin Flon, Manitoba: A Unique Blend of History, Mining, and Tourism

The Unique Etymology of Flin Flon, Manitoba

Flin Flon, Manitoba, derives its name from a character in a 1905 novel, "The Sunless City" by J. E. Preston Muddock. The character, Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin, embarks on an underground adventure in a submarine through a gold-lined hole in a bottomless lake. This story inspired prospector Tom Creighton to name his high-grade copper discovery "Flin Flon's mine," and the town that developed around the mine adopted the name. The city even commissioned a $3.00 coin and a $5.00 coin featuring "Flinty," as the character is locally known. A statue of Flinty, designed by cartoonist Al Capp, is a popular point of interest in the city.

The Rich History of Flin Flon, Manitoba

Founded in 1927 by Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting (Hudbay), Flin Flon was established to exploit the local copper and zinc ore resources. The town grew significantly during the 1930s as people sought work at the mines during the Great Depression. The city, incorporated on January 1, 1933, reached city status in 1970. Despite a declining population since the 1960s, Flin Flon remains a mining center with several active mines. Its scenic setting and nearby lakes also make it a popular tourist destination.

The Unique Geography of Flin Flon, Manitoba

Flin Flon straddles the provincial boundary of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, with the majority of the city located in Manitoba. The city's surface topology is primarily exposed Canadian Shield bedrock, earning it the nickname "the city built on rock." This unique geography has led to some interesting adaptations, such as above-ground "sewer boxes" in areas where there isn't enough overburden to bury water and sewer lines.

The Climate of Flin Flon, Manitoba

Flin Flon experiences a humid continental climate with a wide range in seasonal temperatures. Summers are warm, and winters can be bitterly cold. The highest recorded temperature was 101 °F (38.3 °C) on July 19, 1941, and the coldest was −51 °F (−46.1 °C) on January 15, 1930.

The Demographics of Flin Flon, Manitoba

As of the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, the Manitoba portion of Flin Flon had a population of 4,940, while the Saskatchewan portion had a population of 159.

Transportation in Flin Flon, Manitoba

Flin Flon is accessible by Manitoba Provincial Trunk Highway 10, Saskatchewan Highway 106, and Saskatchewan Highway 167. The city operates a small public bus system and the Flin Flon Airport, which offers regular flights to and from Winnipeg. The Hudson Bay Railway provides freight service on its railway line between The Pas and Flin Flon.

The Vibrant Culture and Arts Scene in Flin Flon, Manitoba

Flin Flon boasts an active local arts and culture scene. The Flin Flon Arts Council brings high-quality performers into the community and supports local artists. The city hosts concerts and theatrical performances, including productions by the local theatre troupe "Ham Sandwich." The Northern Visual Arts Centre (NorVA) provides a space for local visual artists and hosts workshops, concerts, and other community arts-based events. The city also celebrates Culture Days, a national festival celebrating arts and culture, with numerous free events for community members and visitors.

The Joe Brain Petting Zoo in Flin Flon, Manitoba

The city operates the Joe Brain Petting Zoo, open from June through August, weather permitting. The zoo features a picnic area, playground, basketball hoops, and a wading pool, making it a perfect family-friendly destination.