Central Region Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Map of Central Region in Newfoundland, Canada

Central Newfoundland | Travel & Tourism Information Guide

This is a land of trees. Huge stands of spruce, birch, and pine are at the heart of Central Newfoundland, the reason the area was settled and the source of livelihood for many of its people today. The interior of the island was opened up to meet the worldwide demand for newsprint, and the most recent people to make it their home were the loggers who still work the land. Before the Europeans arrived, these forests were home to the Beothuks, Newfoundland's mysterious aboriginal people - the original Red Indians of North America. Central Newfoundland has several historic sites where you can learn more of these remarkable indigenous people.

Off the main highway, along the winding roads of the Kittiwake Coast route to the northeast coast, you will discover a different kind of landscape and a different kind of people. Small clapboarded houses hug the rocks of countless small bays and inlets. Wharves and fishing premises line the shore while fishing boats wait at anchor in the harbours of Notre Dame Bay. In this part of the Central Region, life is centred on the sea, as it has been for centuries. Sure, you're almost guaranteed to spot a whale and there's always time for a visit, a friendly hello, and a yarn or two. Farther South, the Coast of Bays Route takes you to Bay D'Espoir and Harbour Breton where the Newman family, famous for their port wine, lived and worked for decades.

source: Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism