Fogo, Newfoundland and Labrador Canada

Discover Fogo, Newfoundland Labrador: A Historical Outport Community

Fogo, Newfoundland Labrador, is a charming outport community nestled on Fogo Island. This Canadian gem, once a town in its own right, became part of the larger Town of Fogo Island in 2011 through an amalgamation.

The Rich History of Fogo, Newfoundland Labrador

Fogo, Newfoundland Labrador, holds the title of the second-largest community on the island. It's also believed to be the site of the island's first permanent settlement, dating back to the early 18th century. However, the exact location of the first European settlers on Fogo Island remains a mystery.

Historians have speculated that Tilting Harbour may have been the first settlement due to its sheltered harbour and proximity to fishing grounds. Local legends, on the other hand, suggest that an English settlement was established in Fogo as early as 1680, although this claim is highly unlikely.

The renowned explorer James Cook surveyed the area in the 1770s. He was informed that the first English settlers in the area had established themselves in Twillingate in 1728. Prior to this, French fishermen were known to frequent the area, but they never settled permanently.

Fogo, Newfoundland Labrador: A Fishing Community

Fogo, Newfoundland Labrador, is strategically located on Fogo Harbour, along the island's north shore. The community's economy has been intrinsically linked to the fishing industry for centuries. From the 18th to the 20th centuries, Fogo was home to several fish merchants, making it a bustling hub of activity.

The Amalgamation of Fogo, Newfoundland Labrador

On March 1, 2011, Fogo, Newfoundland Labrador, underwent a significant change. The Town of Fogo amalgamated with other communities to form the Town of Fogo Island. This marked a new chapter in the community's history, as it became part of a larger municipal entity.