Avalon Region of Newfoundland, Canada

Map of Avalon Region in Newfoundland, Canada

Avalon | Travel & Tourism Information Guide

As rugged as the rocks of its shores and as friendly as the pubs of St. John's. The Avalon Peninsula is where Newfoundland and North America begins. It's a place where you can photograph herds of caribou or seabird colonies, icebergs, or whales. Spend your nights fine wining and dining or raise a cheer in a pub. Find arts and entertainment, great food, and a wide range of accommodations, as well as some terrific buys on Newfoundland and Labrador crafts and artwork. You will also find warm, fun-loving people with high regard for friendliness and hospitality.

Thrust out into the waters of the North Atlantic, this irregularly-shaped peninsula once was a part of the European continent that drifted westward 400 million years ago. Settlers from England and Ireland began farming and fishing here in the 1600s. The Avalon is filled with tales of the early adventurers who laid claim to this New World and the men from many nations who fished here. All over the region you'll hear legends and lore from the folk that you meet. Museums and historic sites bring history to life. Every community is a picture postcard of tiny houses surrounded by a spectacular seascape. All parts of the peninsula are within a few hours drive of the province's capital city, St. John's, and its newest city, Mount Pearl.

source: Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism