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Map location of Northern Ontario, ON Canada
Map of Northern Ontario
Ontario Cities
Fort Frances
Nestor Falls
Red Lake
Sioux Lookout
Sioux Narrows
Vermillion Bay
Wabakimi Provincial Park

Map of Northern Ontario, Canada


Northern Ontario | Travel & Tourism Information Guide

Come to where adventure is a way of life and nature's spectacles are just part of the scenery. Paddle your own canoe through pristine wilderness routes and ancient forests. Fish an angler's paradise, your way - From trophy fishing to fly-in at a remote wilderness camp. Follow the rugged shore of Lake Superior - the world's largest freshwater lake. Venture into the world's largest game preserve to observe magnificent wildlife like moose and caribou roaming freely. In winter, snowmobile and ice fish in the special warmth of Northern hospitality. For more ways to find adventure, enjoyment and relaxation, get ready to play in the "real" great outdoors, also called Northern Ontario.

Near North

Paddle the shimmering waterways, hike dense forest trails and camp out in the natural glory of Ontario's Near North. Visit the picturesque towns of the beautiful Ottawa Valley, or take the reins for a winter adventure and dogsled through breathtaking backcountry of Temagami.

Algoma County

Meet wildlife roaming freely in ancient boreal forests as you explore the world's largest game preserve. Ride the rails into the heart of the Canadian wilderness through the spectacular Agawa Canyon on a day trip that brings you majestic "tree-top" views and cascading waterfalls.

Rainbow Country

Feel the wind and sunbeams bouncing off the water as you ride the waves in one of North America's favourite sailing spots. Paddle through the lush green splendour of Killarney Provincial Park. Hop a boat to Manitoulin Island and explore thousands of years of Aboriginal culture.

James Bay Frontier

Visit the hometown of singing superstar Shania Twain in North America's biggest city (in area, that is). And head north to the bay where polar bears and beluga whales play their own versions of water polo.

Lake Superior North Shore

Discover unspoiled splendour along the rugged, craggy coast of the world's largest freshwater lake as you enjoy one of the most breathtaking drives on the continent. Relive the wild and wooly glory days of the fur trade at Fort William Historical Park - the world's largest reconstructed fur trade post.

Sunset Country

Seek exciting adventures or serene solitude in an untouched wilderness filled with pristine lakes. Fly into a remote fishing camp for the angling experience of your life. Watch colourful sails and spinnakers weave across the lake at LOWISA - the largest inland sailing regatta in North America.

source: Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation

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