Howick, Quebec Canada

Discover Howick, Quebec: A Small Gem in the Heart of Chateauguay Valley

Howick, Quebec, is the third smallest municipality in the Canadian province of Quebec. Nestled in the Le Haut-Saint-Laurent Regional County Municipality, this quaint town is home to a population of 850, as per the 2021 Canadian census. Located along the English River in the heart of the Chateauguay Valley, Howick is approximately 50 minutes southwest of Montreal and 20 minutes north of the Canada–United States border.

The Geography of Howick, Quebec

Howick, Quebec, is a picturesque town that is situated along the English River. The town's location in the heart of the Chateauguay Valley offers stunning views and a tranquil atmosphere.

Lakes & Rivers in Howick, Quebec

The English River is a significant waterway in Howick, Quebec. It runs south to north along Howick's southeast boundary, adding to the town's scenic beauty.

The History of Howick, Quebec

The history of Howick, Quebec, dates back to around 1804 when George Ellice, son of Lord Alexander Ellice, built a mill on the west bank of the English River. This mill became a settlement known as George's Mill. By 1833, the place was known in English as Howick, named after either Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, or his son Henry Grey, 3rd Earl Grey, both known as Viscount Howick. In French, it was known as Village de la Fourche, which translates to "Village of the Fork," referencing the nearby confluence of the Chateauguay and English Rivers.

On October 29, 1915, the Village Municipality of Howick was established when it split off from the Parish Municipality of Très-Saint-Sacrement. Later, on May 15, 2010, the village municipality changed statutes to become a regular municipality.

Demographics of Howick, Quebec

The population of Howick, Quebec, is a small but vibrant community. The town's residents contribute to the rich cultural fabric of the region.

Language in Howick, Quebec

The language spoken in Howick, Quebec, reflects the town's rich cultural heritage and diverse population.

Transportation in Howick, Quebec

The CIT du Haut-Saint-Laurent provides commuter and local bus services in Howick, Quebec, ensuring easy and convenient transportation for residents and visitors alike.