Flindt Landing Camp on Heathcote Lake | Wabakimi Provincial Park, Ontario

Flindt Landing Camp is located in Northwest Ontario at the western edge of the 2.3 million acre Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park. The fishing in Wabakimi Park is legendary, particularly for walleye and northern pike. Flindt Landing is one of only seven mainbase camps within the park, and the only camp on seventeen mile long, one-half mile wide Heathcote Lake formed by the Flindt River system.

Fly-in or rail-in to this spectacular remote fishery. There are no roads into this unspoiled wilderness area. Fish unlimited structure with water up to 140' deep in this Canadian shield lake: coves, shallow and deep bays, narrows and inlets. The cool clean tea colored water contains rock reefs and points, submerged islands and humps, slopes and sandbars adjacent to weedbeds, making it a paradise for trophy fish. Fourteen pound walleye and thirty pound pike have been caught at Flindt Landing Camp, and the surface hasn't even been scratched.

Flindt Landing Camp is a small camp with only two cabins and two modern cottages on a secluded island in the middle of nowhere. The island is connected to the camp lodge by a 150' footbridge. There is also one secluded modern cottage which is not on the island and is isolated from the main camp on South Heathcote Lake.