Diamond Capital Region in Northwest Territories, Canada

Map of Diamond Capital Region in Northwest Territories, Canada

Diamond Capital | Travel & Tourism Information Guide

Diamond capital of North America

Share the exuberant spirit of Yellowknife, Diamond Capital of North America. The capital of the Northwest Territories, on the north shore of Great Slave Lake, was once a gold mining town. Yellowknife now supplies Canada's first diamond mines, 300 kilometres north. Yellowknife is still a frontier town at heart, with open, friendly people and a go-get-'em attitude.

Here at the edge of the untamed north, high-rises now loom over heritage buildings. In waterfront Old Town, dine out in quaint log restaurants and watch bush planes and cruise boats soar on Yellowknife Bay. Take a tour on Great Slave Lake, see diamond polishing, or in winter, sample the best light show in North America, the Aurora Borealis. Play a round of golf on our unique sand course, or head out to fish under the Midnight Sun. There's a full range of accommodation, services and shops. To round out your northern vacation, Yellowknife offers air connections to most Northwest Territories destinations.

source: Northwest Territories Tourism