Clavet, Saskatchewan Canada

Discover Clavet, Saskatchewan: A Village Steeped in History

Introduction to Clavet, Saskatchewan

Clavet, Saskatchewan, is a quaint village nestled within the Rural Municipality of Blucher No. 343 and Census Division No. 11 in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. With a population of 410 as of 2016, this charming village is situated along an old section of the Yellowhead Highway, approximately 15 kilometres southeast of the bustling City of Saskatoon.

The Historical Journey of Clavet, Saskatchewan

The history of Clavet, Saskatchewan, dates back to 1908 when it was initially established as the Village of French. The village covered the south half of Section 16 and the southwest quarter of Section 15, with J.T. Dawson as overseer and Alfred Rogers and C.H. Goodrich as elected councillors. The village was renamed Clavet on March 9, 1909.

Despite facing numerous challenges, including a dwindling population and civic affairs struggles, the Village of Clavet persisted. By 1925, it boasted a population of 26, two elevators, a general store, an implement shop, a lumberyard, a post office, a dwelling house, and a church.

However, due to a small population and inadequate assessment to finance village affairs, the Village of Clavet was disorganized on March 1, 1927, by J.J. Smith, Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs. From 1927 to 1978, the affairs of Clavet were managed by the RM of Blucher No. 343.

In 1964, Clavet was reorganized as a hamlet with a population of 39. The hamlet saw significant development, including the installation of water and sewer services in 1972–1973. Following these improvements, Clavet saw an increase in population and tax revenue, leading to its incorporation as a village on July 1, 1978.

Demographics of Clavet, Saskatchewan

According to the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Clavet had a population of 450 living in 147 of its 150 total private dwellings. This represented a 9.8% increase from its 2016 population of 410. With a land area of 0.86 km2, it had a population density of 523.3/km2 in 2021.

Infrastructure in Clavet, Saskatchewan

Clavet, Saskatchewan, is conveniently located along an old section of the Saskatchewan Highway 16, just south of where it joins with Saskatchewan Highway 316. The village is now bypassed by a double lane version of Highway 16 and is accessible from Highway 316.

The Saskatoon/Corman Air Park is located west of Clavet, providing easy access to air travel. Additionally, the Canadian National Railway passes through the village, further enhancing its connectivity.