Westbury, Quebec Canada

Discover Westbury, Quebec: A Historical and Tourism Perspective

Westbury, Quebec is a charming township municipality nestled in the Le Haut-Saint-François Regional County Municipality, in Quebec, Canada. This quaint township is uniquely positioned, as it completely surrounds the city of East Angus.

Population Growth in Westbury, Quebec

According to the Canada 2016 Census, Westbury had a population of 1,006. However, the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada revealed a significant increase in the township's population. Westbury saw a 9% growth rate, with the population rising to 1,097. This growth was observed within 424 of its 440 total private dwellings.

Land Area and Population Density of Westbury, Quebec

Westbury, Quebec spans a land area of 55.61 km2 (21.47 sq mi). With the population increase in 2021, the population density of the township also increased. The 2021 Census reported a population density of 19.7/km2 (51.1/sq mi), indicating a thriving and growing community.

Westbury, Quebec, with its rich history and growing population, offers a unique blend of rural charm and community growth. Whether you're a history enthusiast or a potential resident, Westbury, Quebec is a destination worth exploring.