Vimont, Quebec Canada

Exploring Vimont, Quebec: A Blend of History and Modernity

Vimont, Quebec, a district nestled in the heart of Laval, boasts a rich history and a vibrant present. Once a separate city, Vimont was incorporated into Laval during the municipal mergers on August 6, 1965. Prior to 1960, this charming district was known as Saint-Elzéar.

The Geography of Vimont, Quebec

Vimont, Quebec, is strategically located, bordered by several other districts. To the north-west lies Sainte-Rose, while Auteuil is situated to the north-east. Duvernay is to the east, Chomedey to the south-west, and Pont-Viau to the south-east. This central location makes Vimont a convenient and accessible destination for visitors.

Key Features of Vimont, Quebec

Vimont, Quebec, is home to several notable features that contribute to its unique character. The Cité de la Santé de Laval, Laval's main hospital, is located here, providing essential healthcare services to the community.

In addition to healthcare, Vimont also caters to the transportation needs of its residents and visitors. The Vimont Commuter Train station is a major hub, ensuring easy connectivity to other parts of Quebec.

Sports enthusiasts will find Vimont, Quebec, an exciting place. The district houses the Lucerne arena, a popular venue for hockey games. Vimont is also part of the Monteuil sports association, along with Auteuil, further cementing its reputation as a sports-friendly community.

In conclusion, Vimont, Quebec, is a district that seamlessly blends history with modern amenities. Whether you're a history buff, a sports fan, or someone seeking quality healthcare, Vimont has something to offer everyone.