Varennes, Quebec Canada

Discover Varennes, Quebec: A Blend of History and Modernity

Varennes, an off-island suburb of Montreal, is nestled in southwestern Quebec, Canada. It lies on the Saint Lawrence River within the Marguerite-D'Youville Regional County Municipality. Approximately 24 kilometres (15 mi) from Downtown Montreal, Varennes is a charming city that offers a unique blend of history and modernity.

A Glimpse into the History of Varennes, Quebec

The history of Varennes dates back to the arrival of the Régiment de Carignan-Salières in New France. In 1672, René Gaultier, sieur de Varennes, was granted three concessions by intendant Jean Talon, namely le Tremblay, la Gabelle, and Varennes. Jaques-René, one of his sons, became the second seigneur of Varennes.

The Varennes parish was later composed of five seignories: du Cap de Varennes, de l'île Sainte Thérese, de Grand Maison, du Cap de la trinité, and du Cap Saint-Michel. The town was captured by the British in 1760 during the Montreal Campaign. It was initially part of the Province of Quebec (1763–1791), then of Lower Canada, before returning to being part of Quebec again in 1867 due to Canadian Confederation. Varennes was officially recognized as a city in 1972.

Demographics of Varennes, Quebec

According to the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Varennes had a population of 21,198 living in 8,412 of its 8,538 total private dwellings. This represented a slight decrease of -0.3% from its 2016 population of 21,257. With a land area of 94.8 km2 (36.6 sq mi), Varennes had a population density of 223.6/km2 (579.1/sq mi) in 2021.

In 2011, the population of Varennes was 20,994, and by 2015, the population had grown to approximately 24,000. This growth reflects the city's ongoing development and its appeal as a residential area close to the heart of Montreal.

Varennes, Quebec, with its rich history and modern amenities, offers a unique blend of past and present. Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or someone looking for a peaceful place to call home, Varennes has something to offer everyone.