Val-David, Quebec Canada

Discover the Charm of Val-David, Quebec

Val-David, Quebec, is a picturesque village nestled in the Laurentian Mountains, approximately 80 kilometres north of Montreal. Home to over 5,200 residents, this predominantly francophone community attracts about 100,000 tourists annually, thanks to its vibrant food scene, artistic flair, and outdoor recreational activities.

The Cultural Hub of Val-David, Quebec

Val-David is renowned for its artistic and hippie character. The village has been a haven for many famous and amateur artists, writers, and dancers, including Québécois poet Gaston Miron, jazz bassist Charlie Biddle, and singer-songwriter Alan Gerber. The diverse and delicious food scene further enhances the village's appeal, making it a must-visit destination for food lovers.

Outdoor Recreation in Val-David, Quebec

The village is a hotspot for outdoor enthusiasts. The 2,000-acre Parc Dufresne is the most popular rock-climbing destination in eastern Canada. The Parc Linéaire Le P'tit Train du Nord, a 200-kilometre bike trail, and groomed cross-country ski and snowshoe trails in winter, offer visitors a chance to explore the town's splendid nature.

The History of Val-David, Quebec

Originally known as Belisle's Mills, the area's name changed several times before officially becoming Val-David in 1944. The name pays tribute to Louis Athanase David and his father Laurent-Olivier David, both notable figures in Quebec's history. Today, the village's rich history is preserved and shared through its local community monthly newspaper, ski-se-dit.

Transportation in Val-David, Quebec

Val-David is easily accessible via Autoroute 15, which links Laval and Montreal to the south and extends to the United States border. The municipality is located near the northern terminus of the Autoroute, which continues further north via Route 117 towards the La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve north of Mont-Tremblant and Mont-Laurier.

Demographics of Val-David, Quebec

According to the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Val-David had a population of 5,558, a 13% increase from its 2016 population of 4,917. The village covers a land area of 42.66 km2, resulting in a population density of 130.3/km2 in 2021. The mother tongue distribution is as follows: 4.2% English, 89.5% French, 1.8% both English and French, and 3.7% other languages.