Très-Saint-Rédempteur, Quebec Canada

Discover Très-Saint-Rédempteur, Quebec: A Blend of History and Agriculture

Très-Saint-Rédempteur is a charming municipality nestled in the Montérégie region of Quebec, Canada. This quaint community, which borders Ontario, is home to a population of 978, according to the Canada 2021 Census. The municipality, which includes the town of Saint-Redempteur, is situated south of Rigaud along Route 325. The local economy of Très-Saint-Rédempteur, Quebec, thrives almost exclusively on agriculture, making it a haven for those who appreciate rural charm and tranquility.

The Historical Journey of Très-Saint-Rédempteur, Quebec

The history of Très-Saint-Rédempteur, Quebec, dates back to 1732 when the territory was conceded to François-Pierre and Pierre de Rigaud de Vaudreuil. The village began to take shape in 1801 when M. Mcdonnel built a mill that became the center of the community.

In 1880, the Parish Municipality of Très Saint Rédempteur was created from territory ceded by the Parish Municipalities of Sainte-Magdeleine-de-Rigaud and Sainte Marthe. The municipality continued to develop with the opening of its post office, called Saint-Rédempteur, in 1882. However, the post office closed its doors in 1969.

The parish municipality underwent a significant change on January 30, 2010, when it altered its statutes to become a regular municipality. This marked a new chapter in the history of Très-Saint-Rédempteur, Quebec.

Demographics of Très-Saint-Rédempteur, Quebec

Language in Très-Saint-Rédempteur, Quebec

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