Sainte-Marguerite-Marie, Quebec Canada

Discover Sainte-Marguerite-Marie, Quebec: A Historical and Tourism Perspective

Sainte-Marguerite-Marie is a charming municipality nestled in the Canadian province of Quebec. It is part of the La Matapédia Regional Council Municipality. The community was formerly known as Sainte-Marguerite until October 30, 2010. As per the Canada 2021 Census, the municipality is home to 183 residents.

Historical Population of Sainte-Marguerite-Marie, Quebec

The population of Sainte-Marguerite-Marie, Quebec has seen some changes over the years. According to Canada Census data, the population in 1991 was 260. By 1996, the population had decreased to 235, marking a 9.6% decrease from the 1991 population. As of the 2021 Census, the population stands at 183.

Demographics of Sainte-Marguerite-Marie, Quebec

The demographics of Sainte-Marguerite-Marie, Quebec have evolved over time. The Canada Census data provides a glimpse into the population changes. In 1991, the municipality had a population of 260. This number decreased by 9.6% to 235 in 1996. As per the most recent data from the 2021 Census, the current population of Sainte-Marguerite-Marie, Quebec is 183.

Conclusion: Sainte-Marguerite-Marie, Quebec

Sainte-Marguerite-Marie, Quebec is a small but vibrant community with a rich history. Despite the decrease in population over the years, the municipality continues to thrive. Whether you're a history enthusiast or a tourist looking for a peaceful getaway, Sainte-Marguerite-Marie, Quebec is a destination worth exploring.