Discover Sainte-Hélène-de-Chester, Quebec: A Historical and Touristic Overview

Sainte-Hélène-de-Chester, a charming municipality nestled in the Centre-du-Québec region of Quebec, Canada, invites visitors to explore its rich history and scenic beauty.

The Evolution of Sainte-Hélène-de-Chester, Quebec

The municipality of Sainte-Hélène-de-Chester has a fascinating history. It was formerly known as Chester-Est, a township municipality that underwent a significant transformation. On May 3, 2008, Chester-Est changed its name and status, evolving into the municipality we know today as Sainte-Hélène-de-Chester.

The Former Towns of Sainte-Hélène-de-Chester, Quebec

Within the boundaries of the present-day municipality of Sainte-Hélène-de-Chester, there were two small towns that played a significant role in its history. The old Sainte-Hélène-de-Chester and Trottier Mill were integral parts of the community, contributing to the unique character and charm of the area.

Visit Sainte-Hélène-de-Chester, Quebec

Today, Sainte-Hélène-de-Chester, Quebec, stands as a testament to its rich history, while also offering a range of attractions for visitors. Whether you're a history enthusiast or a nature lover, Sainte-Hélène-de-Chester promises a memorable experience.