Discovering Saint-Nicéphore, Quebec: A Historical Overview

Saint-Nicéphore, Quebec, is a sector of Drummondville, located in the Centre-du-Québec region of Quebec, Canada. This former municipality is situated east of Montreal on the Saint-François River. It was once the seat of the Drummond Regional County Municipality, a testament to its historical significance.

The Merger of Saint-Nicéphore, Quebec

On July 7, 2004, Saint-Nicéphore, along with Saint-Charles-de-Drummond and Saint-Joachim-de-Courval, merged into Drummondville. This significant event marked a new chapter in the history of Saint-Nicéphore, Quebec.

Population of Saint-Nicéphore, Quebec

In 2004, the population of Saint-Nicéphore, Quebec, was approximately 10,500. This vibrant community continues to be an integral part of Drummondville, contributing to its cultural and social fabric.

Exploring Saint-Nicéphore, Quebec

Today, Saint-Nicéphore, Quebec, offers a unique blend of history and modernity. Visitors can explore the rich history of this former municipality while enjoying the amenities and attractions of Drummondville. Whether you're a history buff or a curious traveler, Saint-Nicéphore, Quebec, is a destination worth discovering.