Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage: A Hidden Gem in Quebec

Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage is a small community located in the Chaudière-Appalaches region of Quebec, Canada. Despite its size, this charming village has a lot to offer to tourists who are looking for a peaceful and authentic Quebecois experience. From natural wonders to cultural attractions, Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage has something for everyone.


Église de Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage

The Église de Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage is a beautiful church that was built in 1907. Its architecture is a mix of Romanesque and Gothic styles, and it is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the region. Visitors can admire its stained glass windows and its impressive pipe organ.

Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière

The Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière is a natural park that features a stunning waterfall. Visitors can hike on the trails that surround the waterfall and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The park also has picnic areas and a playground for children.

Musée de la mémoire vivante

The Musée de la mémoire vivante is a museum that showcases the history and culture of the region. Visitors can learn about the daily life of the people who lived in Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage in the past and see artifacts that were used in their daily lives.

Ferme Éducative de la Beaurivage

The Ferme Éducative de la Beaurivage is a farm that offers educational activities for children and adults. Visitors can learn about the animals that live on the farm and participate in activities such as milking cows and making cheese.

Natural Wonders

Lac Saint-Narcisse

Lac Saint-Narcisse is a beautiful lake that is perfect for swimming, fishing, and boating. The lake is surrounded by forests and offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Sentier des Caps

The Sentier des Caps is a hiking trail that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and forests. The trail is well-maintained and is suitable for hikers of all levels.


Festival de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste

The Festival de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste is a celebration of Quebecois culture that takes place on June 24th. The festival features live music, traditional Quebecois food, and fireworks.

Festival de la Beauce

The Festival de la Beauce is a music festival that takes place in Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage every summer. The festival features local and international artists and attracts music lovers from all over the region.


Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage was founded in 1855 by Narcisse Fortier, a farmer who settled in the area with his family. The community was officially incorporated in 1861. In the early years, Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage was a farming community, and agriculture remains an important part of the local economy to this day.


Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage may be a small community, but it has a lot to offer to tourists who are looking for an authentic Quebecois experience. From its beautiful church to its stunning natural park, Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage is a hidden gem that is worth a visit.


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