Saint-Liboire, Quebec Canada

Discover Saint-Liboire, Quebec: A Blend of History and Culture

Saint-Liboire, also known as Saint-Liboire-de-Bagot, is a charming municipality nestled in the heart of the Maskoutains regional county municipality in Quebec, Canada. Situated in the administrative region of Montérégie, this quaint town boasts a population of 3,051 as per the 2011 Canadian Census.

The Historical Roots of Saint-Liboire, Quebec

The history of Saint-Liboire, Quebec, dates back to the early 18th century when the town's territory was part of the Seigneurie de Ramezay, granted to Claude de Ramezay around 1710. The village municipality was established in 1857 with the primary aim of providing more arable lands to the Catholic colonists from the Saint-Hyacinthe region. Over time, Saint-Liboire grew in prominence and became the chief town of Bagot County.

Dive into the Past with Saint-Liboire, Quebec's Centenary Book

For those interested in delving deeper into the history of Saint-Liboire, Quebec, the book "Centenaire de Saint-Liboire, 20-24 juin 1957: album-souvenir, 1857-1957" is a must-read. Authored by Dollard Boucher and Armand Laliberté, this book is a treasure trove of historical facts and anecdotes about the town. It is available at the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.

Demographics of Saint-Liboire, Quebec

Population of Saint-Liboire, Quebec

Language in Saint-Liboire, Quebec

Understanding the demographics of Saint-Liboire, Quebec, is crucial to appreciate the cultural diversity and richness of this town. The population and language sections will provide a comprehensive overview of the demographic landscape of Saint-Liboire, Quebec.