Saint-Irénée, Quebec Canada

Discover the Charm of Saint-Irénée, Quebec

Saint-Irénée is a captivating municipality nestled in the Capitale-Nationale region of Quebec, Canada. This quaint town is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and the warm hospitality of its residents.

Demographics of Saint-Irénée, Quebec

Understanding the demographics of Saint-Irénée, Quebec, provides a glimpse into the unique character of this charming community.

Population of Saint-Irénée, Quebec

Saint-Irénée, Quebec, is a close-knit community with private dwellings occupied by usual residents totaling 300. The total number of dwellings in the municipality is 460, indicating a high occupancy rate and a thriving local community.

Language in Saint-Irénée, Quebec

The language spoken in Saint-Irénée, Quebec, is a testament to the region's rich cultural heritage. French is the mother tongue of the entire population, with 100% of residents reporting French as their first language. English, both English and French, or any other language as a first language is reported by 0% of the population, underscoring the strong French influence in this community.

Discover the charm and warmth of Saint-Irénée, Quebec, and immerse yourself in the rich French-Canadian culture that permeates every aspect of life in this enchanting municipality.