Saint-Chrysostome, Quebec Canada

Discover Saint-Chrysostome, Quebec: A Blend of History and Natural Beauty

Saint-Chrysostome is a charming municipality nestled in the south-west region of Quebec, Canada. It is part of the regional county municipality of Haut-Saint-Laurent in the Montérégie administrative region. The municipality was born from the amalgamation of Saint-Chrysostome village and the parish of Saint-Jean-Chrysostome on September 29, 1999. As of the 2021 Canadian census, it is home to 2,582 residents.

The Geography of Saint-Chrysostome, Quebec

Communities within Saint-Chrysostome, Quebec

Saint-Chrysostome is more than just its namesake main population centre. It also encompasses several other locations within its boundaries. One such place is Aubrey, a quaint hamlet situated on the west shore of Rivière-des-Anglais.

Lakes and Rivers in Saint-Chrysostome, Quebec

The municipality is blessed with beautiful waterways that add to its natural charm. The Rivière des Anglais flows in a south-north direction, while the Rivière Noire, a tributary of Rivière des Anglais, also graces the municipality's landscape.

The History of Saint-Chrysostome, Quebec

The area that is now Saint-Chrysostome was first surveyed in 1800 and named Russelltown, after Russell Ellice, the son of Lord Alexander Ellice who owned the Seignory of Beauharnois at the time. The first settlers began to arrive in 1828.

In 1843, the parish of Saint-Jean-Chrysostome(-de-Russelltown), named in honour of John Chrysostom, was created when it separated from Sainte-Martine. The Municipality of Russeltown was formed in 1845, only to be dissolved in 1847. However, it was reestablished on July 1, 1855, and underwent a name and status change in August 1858 to become the Parish Municipality of Saint Jean Chrysostome. The orthography was adjusted to include hyphens in 1969.

In 1902, the main population centre split off from the parish municipality to become the Village Municipality of Saint-Chrysostôme, spelled without a circumflex since 1969. The current municipality was formed on September 29, 1999, when the Village Municipality of Saint-Chrysostome and the Parish Municipality Saint-Jean-Chrysostome were merged.

Demographics of Saint-Chrysostome, Quebec

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